Here are the ways on how to Get Rid of Dandruff and maintain a healthy hair

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   November 04, 2016

We’ve all suffered the woes of an itchy-flaky scalp at some point in time. At its mildest, dandruff causes itching without redness or inflammation. At times, it leads to excessive hair fall.

The first remedy you look toward is an anti-dandruff shampoo – whether over-the-counter or medical. But how do you know it will work? What should you be looking for?

We list out key ingredients in anti-dandruff shampoos:

get rid of dandruff

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Patel kinnari

Mere baal bohat jad rahe hai

reply   15 December, 2016

Skin & hair academy

Hello, sabse pehle aap apne aahar par dhyaan de, sahi poshan aapke hair growth ke liye bahut zaroori hai. proteins, vitamins, iron aur minerals ka sahi balance hona chahiye. shampoo karne ke baad, conditioner use kijiye. aur bhi details aapko yahan milenge:

reply   15 December, 2016


Mere baal me bahut dandruff hai

reply   26 January, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hello parul, please try the above-mentioned solutions to effectively get rid of dandruff. if they don't give you the desired results, please consult a dermatologist near your area and seek a professional treatment. you can find one here:

reply   26 January, 2017