Top 10 best Food Ingredients that are hydrating and fights ageing

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   September 29, 2016

Top 10 Anti-aging Food Ingredients

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Hairfall problem

28 October, 2016 reply

Ghulam hussan

I havr blck small spot on my face its of acne of atleast 4yrs ..ago some have gone ..but some still not going please give some remedies

30 October, 2016 reply

Sujal majumdar

Take one vitamine capsule every night with milk, and apply honey and lemon on the spots only.

27 January, 2017

Ghulam hussan

I have smalk drk spot on face .and dull apperance on my face please give some remedy

30 October, 2016 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hi ghulam, switch to a face wash that contains glycolic or salicylic acid to combat dark spots and make way for clear complexion. to combat dullness, consume vitamin e supplements that help induce a natural glow in skin. if the problem still persists, you can consider getting a chemical peel procedure.

30 November, 2016


Chocolate may not be a anti-aging food.

02 November, 2016 reply


I'm losing my hair n going bald in the front...i'm planning to take up prp injection...pls suggest me a good hair clinic to undergo treatment...i stay in bangalore

05 November, 2016 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hi gautam, these are clear signs of male pattern baldness. please consult a dermatologist for possible treatment options and reduce hair fall any further. read through this article that covers everything on the subject: you can find a dermatologist in your area by clicking here:

30 November, 2016


Pigment face

24 November, 2016 reply

Saurav kumar

My hand fingers uper and one leg finger uper black spot? plese give me solution

13 January, 2017 reply

Niraj joshi

Hi my hair is rough i want silky and long hair how can i take a care of my hairs and how can i get helthy hairs?

17 March, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hi niraj, healthy shiny hair are a combination of good care and a healthy diet. your hair is composed of protein, which means, protein deficiency can lead to severe hair fall, breakage and thinning. dietary factors, especially, can have a negative effect on hair quality and growth, causing our hair to become weak, dry or lacklustre, or triggering hair loss. an extremely safe and effective way to combat these hair issues is to consume chicken and eggs on a regular basis as both of them encourage hair growth as well as curb hair fall and breakage. chicken and egg meals fulfill your body's requirement for protein, iron, biotin and zinc, all of which promote hair health and aid in reducing hair fall, thinning, and breakage. additionally, you can make raw egg masks at home and apply on your hair to lend instant moisture and shine, thereby, reducing roughness and thinning.

01 April, 2017

Mohit vaishnav

I have the biggest issue of skin for what i cannot face anyone and feel shamed to meet,,,,,my skin had pimples and dark spots ony face,,,,,,nd now they changed into big pores,,,,,i look very bad by this big porrs,,,,, suggesst me what i have to do.plzzzzzzzzzzz

09 May, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hey mohit! pores are the major reasons for pimples. here is a link to our blog you can also detect dermatologists near you using our link

01 August, 2017

Jyoti pawar

Drinking lots of water and good sleep also keeps you healthy and beautiful. the tips are very good. thanks for sharing with us.

13 May, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hey jyoti! thanks for you support. you can also read more blogs on skincare and haircare. meanwhile if you want to visit the best dermatologist near you, you can use our link -

01 August, 2017


Hi sir i used to take medicines for my head ache problem while i am using medicines my skin became dark. how can i get again normal skin suggest me any solution

16 May, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hey kavya! use our link to find out more. you can also visit your nearest dermatologist using our link -

01 August, 2017


Plz tell me how make my skin free from dullness and how to gain hair very fast

18 May, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hey sabika! you can refer to our links and you can also visit your nearest dermatologist using our link -

01 August, 2017

Yogesh kadam

Hello 'pl suggst me how to improv skin tone and glowness bcoz my skin are oily n aftr sme time tnned so pl guide me.

16 June, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hey yogesh! read our blog - visit your nearest dermatologist. here is the link -

01 August, 2017

Kunal gidwani

I have developed blackaeds on my face and i want naturall ways and diet to cure

10 July, 2017 reply

Skin & hair academy

Hey kunal! here's our link on how to get rid of blackheads - visit your nearest dermatologist using our easy to locate link -

01 August, 2017

Piyush singh

Which food can i eat to get my skin healthy and glower

21 July, 2017 reply

Skin and hair academy

Hey piyush! read our blog on how to get healthy and glowing skin. here's the link - for more detailed information, meet your nearest dermatologist using this link -

31 July, 2017