Want that perfect pout? Here’s what you should do!

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Achieving the perfect kissable lips is no longer a dream! You see, one of the biggest causes of dry, unattractive lips is lack of moisture. We say, let winter be as harsh as it can be; with a few simple measures, you can bid adieu to chapped, creased lips and pucker up!

#1: Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water

drink water

As mentioned above, chapped lips are caused due to lack of moisture in your skin. So, among the many beauty tips for your face is drinking enough water to keep your skin hydrated. This includes lips too! Therefore, drink at least 8-10 glasses of water every day. Better still, carry a water bottle wherever you go.


#2: Exfoliate lips with brown sugar

brown sugar for lips

Wondering how to pout for selfies that’ll make your lips look irresistible? Brown sugar, especially the powdered one, works wonders as an exfoliant for your lips. It effectively rids your lips of dead cells, and reveals shiny, soft puckers. As an alternate, you can use lip exfoliators that contain fruit-acid-based alpha or beta hydroxy acids to slough off dead skin.


#3: Apply clarified butter on lips before going to bed

brown sugar for lips

Turns out, your grandmother was right all along! Clarified butter or ghee is one of the most amazing lip hydrants in the world that not only treats chapped lips, but helps keep them moisturised too. Make it a habit to rub some of it on your lips every night before going to sleep.



#4: Use a lip balm with SPF

lip balm

Your lips, just like any other part of the skin, need sun protection too! A simple solution is to invest in a good-quality lip balm that contains an SPF of at least 15. Apply it on your lips every two hours throughout the day to keep them looking hydrated and plump.



#5: Quit smoking

quit smoking

A perfect pout needs to look as good as it feels! And, smoking does the exact opposite! It turns your lips from pink to purple and makes them look extremely unattractive. As hard as it may be, reduce smoking to not aggravate the purple on your lips further.



Still in a fix about how to make a perfect pout? Other than the above solutions, there’s always the option of dermatologically-tested over-the-counter creams and collagen injections to breathe new life into your lips. Consult a skin care professional before going for the procedure.

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