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A few years ago, people looking for medical advice would look no further than a doctor’s opinion; now patients rush to the ubiquitous internet to search, discuss, download and self-interpret information on any ailment --- from heart disease to cancer and brain tumours to something as simple as cold and cough, diagnosis is just a click away.

Studies have shown that 70% of Internet-using patients browse the internet for medical information. And they trust the information. However with the internet throwing up all sorts of information, a lot of which is medically inaccurate, the credibility of medical information online has often been called into question. To address this issue and to cut through the clutter, Skin and Hair Academy has been set up as a ready resource for medically accurate and credible information on common skin and hair diseases.

Skin and Hair Academy strives to ensure that people looking for information on skin and hair problems get medically accurate information in a simple and easy-to-understand language. The aim, overall, is to help patients take informed decisions about various skin and hair conditions and to help them get the right treatment from the right people. The site also features a ‘doctor-search’ option, which has been designed to help patients find the right consultant in their geographical area.

In the long term, Skin and Hair Academy aims to become the go-to website for people seeking information on dermatological problems. The site strives to educate patients about various conditions through research-led articles, feature articles, patient testimonials and educational videos. The idea is to empower patients with information in order to help them navigate the complex maze of dermatological treatments and procedures.

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