Learn these 10 Benefits of Argan Oil for your Skin and Hair.

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   February 20, 2017

One of the most common essential oils used for moisturizing and nourishing skin, the uses and benefits of argan oil will simply leave you astounded. But, what is argan oil’s secret to begin with? 
Well, the essential oil contains copious amounts of Vitamin E and fatty acid content, which makes it just the right product to lend skin a natural boost. With that said, presenting 10 miracle advantages of argan oil for hair and skin:

argan oil for face1. As mentioned above, argan oil is the perfect moisturizer for all skin types. Massage a few drops of the oil on your face and neck area before going to bed every night, and let it work its magic.

2. You can also use argan oil for acne scars and signs of premature ageing! The natural Vitamin E in the oil fades acne scars and age spots, whereas, the fatty acids reduce the depth and severity of wrinkles and fine lines.

argan oil for sun tan3. And, talking of fading spots, trust argan oil to fight against skin spots caused by sun exposure! The oil lends the perfect coverage against UV radiation, and keeps your skin free from sun damage.

4. Argan oil is also anti-inflammatory in nature, so it can be used to treat both external and internal problems such as sore muscles and joint pain. Simply rub a few drops on the affected skin area.

argan oil for stretch marks5. Got stretch marks? Befriend argan oil which is proven to reduce their appearance to a large extent. All thanks to the Vitamin E in it and its ability to keep the skin smooth and soft!

6. Moving on to hair, argan oil is the ideal choice to treat split ends. It prevents drying by coating the hair shaft and seals moisture in like no other.

argan oil for hair


7. Argan oil also is the ideal hair conditioner as it makes the hair extremely silky, soft and smooth. You can either pick hair conditioners with argan extract, or regularly massage your hair with the oil.



8. Did you know, argan oil is extensively used as a hair styling product? Many salon stylists vouch for the product as it prevents frizz and gives a sleek finish!

9. While we’re on the topic of daily skin care tips, you’ll be amazed to know that argan oil is an excellent lip moisturizer too, especially in colder climates. Simply rub a drop or two on your lips every now and then to keep them looking plump, soft and supple.


10. Last, but not the least, argan oil is perfect for treating rough ankles, knees, elbows, and cracked feet! While applying it as a night cream on your face and neck, apply the leftovers on your hands and feet to keep the skin moisturized.


Often referred as ‘liquid gold’, argan oil is a magical potion that is truly a must-try for every skin and hair savvy person out there.

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Ajay biswakarma


reply   25 February, 2017

Shanthakumari m

i trust in oil. kindly inform where we can shop it.

reply   27 February, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hi shanthakumari, you can find argan oil at any medical store in your area. make sure to read reviews about the brand before you purchase it and proceed to use.

reply   27 February, 2017


Hi, can u suggest remedy for daily basis hair loss?

reply   14 March, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hi anie, if you're suffering from excessive hairfall, you must know that too much sun exposure causes hair to become brittle. avoid unnecessary direct sunlight to prevent sunburns on the scalp. if need be, put on a cap or hat. additionally, eating healthy plays an important role in preventing hair loss so make sure your diet consists of proteins, calories and vitamin a. as unavaoidable as it may seem, stress is a major cause of hair loss. live a calm and relaxed lifestyle, give your hair a much needed break.

reply   14 March, 2017
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