Take Care Of The Following 5 Tips Before Visiting Your Hair Dresser

By Skin & Hair Academy | November 24, 2015
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Haircut, though considered a routine affair, plays a very vital role in our appearance. Factors including strength, texture, length, type of hair, and hair health have to be considered while going in for a haircut. Here are five aspects that you need to mull over when hopping into a salon for a haircut:


  1. Discuss with a hair expert
    • Discuss with a hair expert the quality of your hair and also whether you suffer from any scalp infection which can get aggravated with the use of styling tools.
    • After the hair expert has confirmed that you have no infection, you can seek the opinion of your hairstylist and then take a call
    • Be quite clear and specific about the type of haircut you desire.
    • Be open to professional suggestions both from the expert and the stylist.
  2. Choose the haircut that suits you the best
    • hair-cut

    • There are many hairstyles to choose from. Do select an appropriate haircut that suits you the best keeping the length and quality of your hair in mind.
    • While selecting a particular type of haircut, try to figure out whether or not it is good for your hair health too.
    • Choose a haircut that balances your hair type and lifestyle.
    • Consider the shape of your face before finalizing the haircut. Certain cuts may fail to complement your facial attributes.

  3. Sterilization of tools and use of products
  4. Sterilization-tools

    • Care should be taken to make sure that the tools being used for cutting your hair have been sterilized.
    • Ask a hair specialist about infections and sterilization of tools as there are chances that you may contract skin infection if your stylist is not careful enough.
    • Find out everything you can about the ingredients of products being used such as moisturizers, gels, etc. as there are chances that you may be allergic to some of the ingredients. Insist on the use of harmless and safe products.

  5. Be sure about your decision of cutting your hair
    • Make sure that you are completely sure about your haircut decision, keeping in mind factors like the length, health, and texture of your hair.
    • Before making the final decision, do keep in mind the strength of your hair as it may help your stylist make a decision on the frequency of your haircuts as also on the technique to be employed.

  6. Select the best salon
    • Make sure your stylist is an experienced professional. The best way to find one is through reference or reviews.
    • Search for a reputable salon that has good online reviews.
      1. Ask for recommendations from friends.
      2. Services of a professional may come at a cost but it is worth it given the quality of services.
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