Here’s what your Dermatologists speak about Body Odour and how to treat them

By Skin & Hair Academy | May 05, 2017
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Sweat it out! No wait, don’t. As natural an occurrence as perspiration is, the body odour that arises from it isn’t. For the sake of those around you, learn all about perspiration, impending body odour and how to tackle the problem at hand.
Here’s what dermatologists have to say!

What causes body odour?

What causes body odour?

  • Sweat (The most obvious factor)
  • Bacteria (The invisible culprits)

The body has 2 types of sweat glands –

  • Eccrine sweat glands present all over the body
  • Apocrine glands found in hairy areas such as the groin and armpits

Bacteria thrive on the apocrine gland discharge and break down the cell debris and fat to create amino acids, causing the horrible odour.

So, how do you avoid body odour?

  • Maintain proper hygiene – Take a shower regularly. Don’t let sweat accumulate and create a breeding ground for those bacteria.
  • Wear airy, cotton clothes – Indian weather demands you wear light, cotton clothes so the skin can breathe. Especially in summer.
  • Avoid certain foods – Coffee, red meat, onion/garlic and spices tend to alter the way your sweat smells

What if you’re already suffering from excessive body odour issues? Worry not, read on.

How to treat body odour?

  • Use an antiperspirant – Contrary to what people say, there’s no scientific evidence that antiperspirants or deodorants cause skin cancer.
  • Botolinum toxin – Yes, botulinum toxin injected in the armpits, helps reduce excessive sweating for a good two to eight months by inhibiting signals from the brain to the sweat glands.
  • Medical dermatologist – A good medical dermatologist is your ultimate go-to person if your home remedies don’t work. You may be having an underlying fungal infection or hormonal problems that he can detect and treat.

Just a little precaution, a few easy remedies and you’re good to go. Live life odour-free!

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