Acne – Ignorance Can Lead To Complications Acne – Ignorance Can Lead To Complications

By Skin & Hair Academy | October 12, 2015
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Acne-ignoranceOnly a few fortunate teenagers escape the trauma of having to deal with pimples on their faces. While for some it may be just a brush with pimples or acne, others may experience the problem for a longer period of time.

Known to occur due to hormonal changes in our body, acne is common among teenagers and young adults. However, people in other age groups too can be affected by it. An estimated 80 percent of all people in the age group of 11 years to 30 years are known to develop acne.

Don’t Hate Acne, Know About it


Acne is a common problem, which is usually not dangerous. However, due to lack of knowledge, people tend to do certain things that can lead to a worsening of acne. Some common practices/factors that could worsen acne include:

  • Squeezing or picking at pimples.
  • Hard scrubbing of the skin.
  • Pressure from backpacks, tight collars or bike helmets.
  • Pollution and high humidity.

Acne may leave permanent scars and spots on the skin. Squeezing the spots could lead to scarring of the skin. So, it is best not to burst or squeeze your pimple.

Scratching or picking at the comedones (white or blackheads) leads to an increase in inflammation levels, which eventually spreads to the surrounding areas. The skin might remain red for quite a few days; pain and irritation may persist.

Besides, some common myths surrounding acne can also contribute to acne-related complications. Contrary to common belief, stress and dirty skin do not cause acne. However, stress can worsen it.

Also, acne has not been found to be associated with eating chocolates or greasy foods most people. Therefore, don’t stress yourself if you have acne. It’s a common problem, which heals over time. However, if it persists for long, meet your dermatologist to seek medical assistance.

Acne is not a simple skin infection. Therefore, it needs attention and care. A properly customized treatment regime, keeping in view the skin type and other ailments or allergies, should be followed to prevent major damage. Our body has special mechanisms to alert us when things go wrong. It’s advisable to take action at the right time.

Meanwhile, here are some simple ways for you to manage minor cases of acne:


1. Wash your skin at least twice a day, especially after sweating.

2. Gently apply a non-abrasive cleanser using your fingertips.

3. Avoid products, such as toners or exfoliants that may irritate your skin. Use gentle products that do not contain alcohol.

4. Don’t scrub your skin. It can worsen acne. Use lukewarm water to rinse the acne-affected areas.

5. Don’t pop, squeeze or pick your acne. It could lead to acne scars.

6. Avoid touching your face. It could result in a flare-up.

7. And most importantly, consult your dermatologist if your acne:

  • Embarrasses you.
  • Is not responding to treatment.
  • Is leaving scars or causing skin darkening.
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