Find Out About Split Ends In Your Hair That Is Caused By Rough And Dull Hair Find Out About Split Ends In Your Hair That Is Caused By Rough And Dull Hair

By Skin & Hair Academy | October 06, 2015
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Split ends, scientifically known as trichoptilosis, is one of the most common hair problems encountered by women. Split ends are known to occur due to loss of protective cuticle from the distal hair shaft and exposed cortex splits.

Split ends are characterised by rough and dull hair, with ends split into two, sometimes even three. Such hair looks frizzy, unmanaged and dull, and becomes a major concern for women who yearn for long, shiny, beautiful hair. What most women do is to trim the split ends with a pair of scissors, but the hair splits again in a week or so.

Here we are going to discuss all that you need to know about split ends.

How to know if you have split ends


Split ends are often mistaken for hair breakage and dullness. But identifying and getting rid of them is very important, as split ends start from ends, and may reach all the way up to the scalp. You can know that you have split ends if your hair gets badly tangled whenever you comb. You can also tie your hair in a ponytail, look at the end, and check if some hairs are longer than the others. You also have split ends if your hair seems to be zigzagged at the bottom. Take a strand of your hair in the front and check for any ‘Y’ shaped ends.

Now that you know how to identify split ends, you need to know its causes. It is important to know the causes so that you can prevent split ends.

Causes of split ends


Excessive brushing: Too much brushing or back combing of your hair can disrupt your epidermis, and thus cause split ends. Brushing hair when it is wet can also cause split ends, as wet hair can stretch as much as 25% more. According to experts, 100 strokes of brushing every day can result in split ends. [2]

Hair colouring: Hair colours contain chemicals that can seriously damage your hair and cause split ends. A study based on the use of hair dyes reported split ends in 77% people following the use of hair dye. [3]

Heated hair appliances: Applying heat to your hair, as in perming, rebonding, blow drying, straightening and other processes, can cause excessive dryness of your hair, thus resulting in split ends.

Rubbing wet hair with towel: This can be a major cause for split ends. It is better to let your hair dry naturally, and then comb only when it is completely dry.

Rubber bands: When removed from hair, rubber bands often come off with a lot of hair follicles, in the process damaging your hair and causing split ends.

Your physical health: You can improve your hair health by improving your overall physical health. Add healthy fats like fish oil and olive oil to your diet, which will significantly contribute to your hair health.

Split ends are hard to get rid of and the best solution is prevention.

Fixing split ends


Use the right conditioner and shampoo that has properties to repair, restructure, hydrate, moisturize and nourish. Such products are designed to provide extra proteins, vitamins and moisture to your hair, making it stronger and healthier. [4] Another solution is to wash your hair and apply a deep-conditioning hair mask instead of a conditioner.

You will also find certain products in your kitchen or refrigerator that you can use to prevent or get rid of split ends. These include papaya, castor oil, egg, honey and avocado. The best thing is to take care of your diet, and give attention to your personal hygiene and cleanliness.

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