Busting Common Myths and Questions Regarding Hair Fall

By Divya Sharma | September 25, 2019
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Not just famous actresses or models, every common woman desires glowing healthy hair. Those flowing, radiant tresses are the crowning glory that helps a woman stand out in a crowd. Naturally, most women fret about hair fall, hair thinning and other hair problems. Let us find out more about what causes hair fall, some common myths regarding hair loss as well as some handy hair fall solutions as well as some hair care tips for healthy hair.

Common myths regarding hair fall

There are many myths that have been perpetuated regarding hair fall and hair loss. But not all of them are true. So before you press the panic button, here are some facts that will help relive your anxiety about hair fall.

  • Constantly washing your hair with shampoo causes hair loss

    hair lossA person tends to notice hair shedding the most while shampooing in the shower. But that does not mean that shampooing is responsible for hair loss. It is normal for some hair (100 to 150 hairs a day) to fall out while washing as it is a part of the natural hair growth cycle. In fact, shampoo cleans the oils on the scalp that may actually cause hair loss and also prevents dandruff.

  • Cutting hair makes it grow faster

    Cutting-hair-makes-it-grow-fasterAnother long held myth. In fact, hair is dead tissue so cutting it or not makes no difference to its growth.

  • Wearing a cap all the time causes hair fall

    Wearing-a-cap-all-the-timeThis perception that wearing a cap all day long causes the hair to drop out of the follicles. It does no such thing as outside hair is dead tissue. The only living part of hair is the follicle which gets nourishment from the scalp. But if you are wearing a dirty/unwashed cap chances are that you may get a scalp infection.

  • Hair loss comes from the mother’s side of the family

    Hair-loss-comes-from-the-mother's-side-of-the-familyThis is another common held belief that glowing hair is a trait often passed down from the mother and so hair loss or hair fall must also be a genetic fault. Actually there are more than 200 genes that determine hair growth and no single gene can cause hair loss. Genes from both sides of the family determine the density of hair so don’t go around blaming your mother for hair thinning!

  • If you pluck a gray hair, the new ones will be gray as well

    If-you-pluck-a-gray-hairOur hair gets its colour from a skin pigment called melanin. So when our body stops producing melanin the hair color changes to gray or white. Plucking one gray hair certainly does not produce new gray hair.

  • Hair colouring causes hair fall

    Hair-colouring-causes-hair-fallColouring your hair won’t make you go bald but any overuse of chemicals such as hair bleach, dye, excessive use of hot irons and straighteners can weaken your hair. Also, when hair is put under a lot to tension such as putting tight braids, using hair extensions it can cause damage to your hair growth over a period of time.

  • Stress causes hair fall

    StressOnly extreme stress can cause hair loss or hair thinning. But the good news is that this is a temporary condition and can be reversed once that stressful phase has passed. When stress is reduced, hair growth can revert to normal.

  • Once you lose hair it is permanent

    Once-you-lose-hair-it-is-permanentAgain not a true picture. Often hair loss is result of certain temporary conditions such as giving birth, nutritional deficiencies etc. When these conditions no longer exist or are corrected there is no reason why you cannot have normal hair growth.

What are the causes of hair fall?

Now that we have addressed some of the common myths related to hair fall, let us find out what are the real causes of hair fall.

  • Nutritional deficiency

    Nutritional-deficiencyThe main cause of hair fall today is the increase in nutrional deficiency. Our food intake is reflected outside on our body. The same is true for hair. Iron deficiency, vitamin B12 and D3 (not enough exposure to sun), shortage of protein in diet, intake of processed foods and refined sugars, carbonated drinks, excess of tea and coffee, indulging in smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs can all cause air fall. Any restrictive diet can lead to hair shedding because of loss of essential nutrients.

  • Lack of proper exercise

    Lack-of-proper-exerciseTechnology and gadgets may have made our lives easy but they have also made us lazy. Lack of regular exercise, a sedentary lifestyle, and hormonal imbalances caused due to obesity can also indirectly lead to hair loss and hair thinning over a period of time.

  • Erratic lifestyles and sleep deprivation

    Erratic-lifestyles-and-sleep-deprivationWith longer hours spent in the office and a hectic work schedule, it has become difficult to find time for relaxation. Irregular meal times and lack of enough sleep play havoc with the body. In fact, melatonin which is more known as the sleep hormone is also responsible for hair growth. So any change in sleep cycles or reduction in sleeping hours will mean a lack of melatonin and will affect hair growth.

  • Auto immune diseases

    immune-diseasesAuto immune diseases such as thyroid also cause hair thinning, increased shedding of hair and hair fall.

What are the best hair fall solutions?

Here are some important hair care tips to prevent hair fall and induce healthy hair growth:

  • Include a low carbohydrate and high protein diet with iron, micro nutrients, selenium and copper, Vitamin B12 and Vitamin D3 that are essential for ensuring a healthy scalp and boosting hair growth.
  • Stay away from smoking, alcohol and recreational drugs
  • Follow an active lifestyle with proper exercise routine.
  • Sleep on time, make sure to get enough sleeping hours to boost melatonin production for healthy hair growth.
  • Cut down on tea and coffee ( these two drinks decrease iron absorption and can lead to hair fall) to induce healthy hair growth
  • Stay calm and relaxed for healthy hair. Avoid excessive stress as it affects your sleep cycles, food digestion and can lead to nutritional deficiency.
  • Hair requires daily maintenance just like our skin. We regularly lose and regain hair. So maintain a healthy metabolism to ensure healthy hair growth.

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