Hair Appliances & Their Effects On Hair: Dr Roop Kanwar Gill Explains

By Skin & Hair Academy | February 04, 2016
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There are multiple occasions when we might want to change the styles of our hair for a change. Hairstyling has become a convenient option for many of us to experiment with our hair.

Various hair appliances are available in the market that can give you those perfect curls or silky straight hair, as and when you want. Electric hair stylers and hair blowers can have an instant effect on your hair to change its look and texture.

Our hair is a valued part of our bodies, and they are also sensitive. Regular care is essential to keep them in good shape and health. Electronic devices can give you great looks, but they can have extreme effects on your hair if you are not careful.

Hair appliances can cause extreme temperature differences which can make your hair weaker and prone to breakage. They often use a lot of heat on the hair, and they take away the natural oils of your hair. In extreme cases by frequent overuse of hair appliances, your hair can become very dry and frizzy, which experts call “bubble hair”.

While you need not entirely reject these devices because of these problems. Everyone can use them from time to time if you are willing to take care to replenish the nutrients lost. There are several hair care tips and techniques that you can follow to keep the damage to the minimum.

Hair Nourishment Tips

Hair Nourishment TipsSet the right temperature. Whatever device you use for hair styling, should come with adjustable temperature settings. This is very important so that you can change the temperature according to the thickness of the hair. If you have thick hair, you will need a higher temperature to get the desired effect from the device. But if you have thin hair, it’s advisable to keep the temperature low, so that the device doesn’t burn off your hair.

If you are not sure the setting, begin with low temperature, and then gradually work up your way to higher temperatures according to your need.

Avoid Styling Wet or Damp Hair

Avoid styling wet or damp hairDon’t apply hot curlers or electronic devices directly after washing your hair. Damp hair is more prone to damage than dry hair. Heat styling on wet hair can irreversibly break the cells of your hair. This can lead to extreme hair loss and also burn your hair.

Before you apply the devices, you have to be careful to let your hair dry naturally. You can also use a blow dryer at a lower setting to speed up the process if necessary. Keep the nozzle slightly away to avoid damage. You must avoid using a hairdryer regularly. Try to air-dry your hair as much as possible. This is one of the most critical steps to prevent damage by electronic devices on hair.

Use Hair Serums

Use hair serumsIt can be a great habit to use hair serums on your hair regularly to replenish nutrients. They can work like miracles for many women who often find it tough to deal with hair on bad hair days. Hair serums protect your hair from dust, UV rays, and pollution, keeping your hair soft and shiny. They also help in detangling your hair and reduce breakage. There are amazing hair serum benefits that can reduce the damage caused by heat styling devices.

Serums are among the best ways to keep control of your hair on any day. It is best to apply the serum on wet hair to get all the hair serum benefits. Use it after washing your hair with a good shampoo. After letting your hair dry, you can try any hair-styling device without any worries.

Follow a Hair Care Routine

Follow a hair care routineIt is crucial to take care of your hair regularly if you want to keep experimenting with it. You should have a good hair-care regime that you strictly follow. All these hair nourishment tips can go to waste if you slack on personal hair grooming.

You must wash your hair and oil them regularly. You can use coconut oil or any oil that you deem fit to provide all your hair nutrients. Never use soap on hair and try to use shampoos that don’t have too many chemicals.

Use Hair Masks

Use Hair MasksHair masks can be a great way to boost the health of your hair. Once in a while, you can have these treatments which will nurture your hair properly by providing extra hydration and nutrients. Using a hair mask is among the best hair nourishment tips that you must follow to keep your hair healthy and happy.

It is very easy to prepare a hair mask by yourself at home. You can use a mixture of aloe vera, eggs, and curd once a week to apply to your hair. Apply the mask on your hair after washing them and then wait for a few minutes. Rinse off with lukewarm water and let your hair dry before styling.


You must use hair nourishment tips to keep your hair healthy at all times. You must take care of the ingredients in your hair products that you apply to your hair. Look for products that contain silicone which acts as a protective formula for hair. Silicone forms a coating around your hair strands that keep them protected against damage. Do not use too many styling products before you use hair appliances. Extra chemicals on your hair can also lead to damage.

If your hair is suffering from problems despite using the above hair care tips, you should consult a dermatologist or a hair care specialist.

Dr.Roop Kanwar Gill is an aesthetic physician who can effectively guide you out of your hair problems. Reach out to her now to get excellent hair care remedies that you can use.

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