Learn the easiest hair care tips you can follow for healthy and shiny hair

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   July 31, 2015

Who doesn’t want easy tips to maintain healthy hair? In today’s world, time is of the utmost importance and so are hassle free solutions to everyday problems, including those related to hair care.

Here are some easy and effective tips for healthy and attractive hair:

  • 1. Healthy diet:

    Nutritional factors affect your hair directly [1]. Therefore, it is necessary for your hair to receive two major nutrients, proteins and vitamins, vital for its healthy growth [2].

    Foods that are good for healthy hair include:

    • Fish rich in proteins.
    • Spinach and carrots -- rich in Vitamin A.
    • Eggs -- help to provide biotin to prevent brittle hair.
    • Guavas, gooseberry and green vegetables – rich in Vitamin C.
    • Water – at least 2 litres a day.

  • 2. Hair Cleansing

    Proper hair cleaning is the first and the most important prerequisite for beautiful hair. Hair cleansing is actually the process of cleaning the scalp of sebum, sweat components, desquamated stratum corneum, styling products and environmental dirt, and preventing the development of folliculitis and seborrheic dermatitis [3].

    You should shampoo your hair carefully. Select the shampoo most suited for the scalp and hair type. Shampoos with the least amount of chemicals and adequate moisturizing properties should be preferred. However, for an oily scalp, one should choose a dryer shampoo.

    It’s good to wash your hair every day if you have an oily scalp or if the environment is extremely hot. Else, washing hair 3-4 times a week is sufficient.

  • 3. The Right Drying Procedure:

    With wet hair, heated styling appliances, such as straightening irons and hair-dryers cause chemical and structural damage to hair due to rapid evaporation [4].

    The human hair shaft is made up of cortex with a central axial medulla and an external cuticular layer. Heated styling appliances damage the surface, cuticular layers, and possibly the cell membrane complex of hair. Experts recommend the use of a hair dryer from a distance of 15 cm with continuous motion for lesser damage. [5]

  • 4. Combing Wet Hair:

    Combing wet hair can cause increase in hair fall, as the pores are soft and the tugging from the comb causes the hair to come off the scalp. Hence, it’s best to let the hair lose all its moisture content and then brush or comb it gently. The hair is easily combed by dividing it into smaller groups of strands instead of combing it all together.

  • 5. Avoid Hot Water:

    Avoid exposing your hair to hot water. Taking a direct shower under hot water makes the scalp and hair dry by removing the essential oils. Instead, it is better to use lukewarm water to rinse your hair.

  • 6. Tying Your Hair Loose:

    Tying your hair too tight can cause the hair to pull at the scalp making it break. Those who keep their hair braided all the year round should tie it loose from the scalp. Else, the roots can get damaged preventing further hair growth.

    Apart from all this, it’s very important to keep yourself hydrated with sufficient water intake. Also, many people believe that grandma’s remedies like applying fruit pulp (like that of banana) or egg whites can help make your hair healthier with a nice and rich lustre.


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(45) Comments


I loose lot of hair , can u plz help me ?

reply   23 February, 2016


My hair was very dul and rough . this time my hair not growth pls help me

reply   23 February, 2016

Paras jain

I was suffering from hair loss from one year i used to apply folifast after i became bald but then also its not working my forehead become more bigger by losing the front of my hair please suggest me better treatment

reply   23 February, 2016


Hair loss problem.i am 35 years old.

reply   23 February, 2016


Hair loss problem.i am 35 years old.

reply   23 February, 2016

Sujit kumar

I am loosing lot of hair from my forehead. my forehead is looking now. i am only 18 yrs old.

reply   23 February, 2016

Poonam miyan

Hi i have a hairfall problem,i want growth in my hair...plzzz help

reply   05 October, 2016


Very useful

reply   07 October, 2016


Plz provide some remedy for making root of hair strong and making hair thick....

reply   10 October, 2016


Very beautiful hair i am really happy

reply   19 October, 2016


Hello sir... meri age 25 hai kuch month se mujhe hair problem kuch jyada hi ho rhi hai jb bhi fresh hone jata hu or shampoo lgata hu to hair bahut matra me tut jate hai... plzzzz sir kuch solution btao

reply   03 November, 2016



reply   13 November, 2016

Heena kauser

Hello i am 25 years old and i am suffering from hair loss and greying of hair too much.i am unmarried so it's very difficult problem for me please suggest me what i will do

reply   17 November, 2016


Very good knowledge for hair fall

reply   25 November, 2016

Avinash chandra

I have hairfall problm to 3 years. i take a some medicines but i have no responce...advice me plz

reply   26 November, 2016

Uppala sresnath

My hair is fully loss but my age is 19 yrs pls give any solution .

reply   28 November, 2016

Muzamil rashid

I have lost my black colour of hair is there anybody to help me to maintain my hair colour black

reply   28 November, 2016

Skin & hair academy

Hi muzamil, to retain the black tint of your hair, shampoo less frequently, and use better-quality water to rinse. opt for shampoos that are colour-safe and contain less chemicals. as a home remedy, massage your scalp with hot eucalyptus oil mixed with coconut oil that increases blood circulation, and help maintain the colour.

reply   28 November, 2016


In some of the cases it helped me!!!

reply   04 December, 2016


Hair loss problem too much im jst 20

reply   05 December, 2016


I wash my hairs daily with only water and apply shampoo 1 tyme a weak . and apply oil at every night . is it good for my hairs or not

reply   06 December, 2016

Tanmay paul

...im losing hair alot.now.im of 20 just..i m losing from the upper corners on both sides above the ear.everyday a lot of hair comes off.wat is the possible reason

reply   13 December, 2016


Hi.....sir, i'm 23 years old ,mera hair fall bhot ho rha h , sar ka adha hair chala gaya h or thoda sa rhe gaya h

reply   13 December, 2016


Hi....i'm 23 years old, mera hair fall bhot ho rha h, plz help me sir...

reply   13 December, 2016

Juhi jaiswal

I have a hair fall prblm my hair is very dry very splited and slow growth i m 22 years old please help mee

reply   15 December, 2016

Skin & hair academy

Hi juhi, we recommend taking to home remedies such as oiling your hair at least once a week, and eating nutritious food like green vegetables, fish, and nuts. this will help in promoting healthy hair growth. to combat split ends, make sure you get your hair trimmed every 6-8 weeks.

reply   15 December, 2016


I'm 18 years are and whenever i pull my hair on the top of the head slightly i get 2-3 strands everytime but whenever i brush my hand through or shampoo my hair then it doesn't happen.

reply   19 December, 2016


Myself shubho...my age is 18 but i have a problem of hairfall last 8months..so what can i do??please suggest me..thank you...

reply   20 December, 2016


My age is 19, problem is hairfall , almost my head looks bald in sun light

reply   20 December, 2016


How can remove dandruff please suggest a solution..hlp me

reply   11 January, 2017


What to do with split ends? i cut my hair but again gets split .

reply   15 January, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hi sneha, looks like your hair lacks moisture, which gives rise to split ends, despite you cutting them regularly. use the right conditioner and shampoo that has properties to repair, restructure, hydrate, moisturize and nourish. such products are designed to provide extra proteins, vitamins and moisture to your hair, making it stronger and healthier. another solution is to wash your hair and apply a deep-conditioning hair mask instead of a conditioner. you will also find certain products in your kitchen or refrigerator that you can use to prevent or get rid of split ends. these include papaya, castor oil, egg, honey and avocado.

reply   15 January, 2017

Saigeetha reddy

Hi...my hair is so rough and i had lot of hair fall . can u suggest me some tips to make my hair soft ,silky and no breakage

reply   21 January, 2017


Hey i am 20 but still i have hairfall and dundruff problem and i think it is oily also what can i do for removing of dundruff and decreasing of hair fall plz guid me

reply   30 January, 2017

Shweta m

Hi, my hair is too frizzy and dry, please suggest the tips to moisturize my hair. i am 30 yrs old.

reply   15 February, 2017


I am only 17 years old. my problem are hairfall, split ends, and dandruff. please suggest some ways how can i cure these?

reply   16 March, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hi simran, if you're suffering from excessive hairfall and split ends, you must know that too much sun exposure causes hair to become brittle. avoid unnecessary direct sunlight to prevent sunburns on the scalp. if need be, put on a cap or hat. additionally, eating healthy plays an important role in preventing hair loss so make sure your diet consists of proteins, calories and vitamin a. as unavaoidable as it may seem, stress is a major cause of hair loss. live a calm and relaxed lifestyle, give your hair a much needed break.

reply   16 March, 2017

Asha patil

Good tips. and also drinking lots of water and doing regular exercise will keep your skin healthy and beautiful.

reply   13 May, 2017


My hair is very dull and freezy damage and dry how could i moisturising my hair please give me some easy tips my problem is also hairfall and my hair was split end i cutting my hair but it again split

reply   13 June, 2017