Here are the Effective Ways to Get Rid of Those Embarrassing Dark Underarms

By Skin & Hair Academy | April 27, 2017
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Dark underarms Dark underarms are a bother when wearing sleeveless clothing. Discolored underarms are embarrassing and not easy to get rid of. Before looking at the treatment for dark underarms, let us identify what causes dark underarms.

  1. Shaving –
  2. This is the most common cause of darkening of skin under arms. Coarse and dark hair (resulting from frequent shaving) under the surface of your skin can still make your underarms look dark.

  3. Build-up of dead skin cells –
  4. Dark spots under your arms can also be the result of dead skin pile up that shows up visibly on the delicate skin in the area.

  5. Deodorants and antiperspirants –
  6. Harsh chemicals in deodorants and antiperspirants can also cause your underarm skin to go dark.

  7. Symptoms related to insulin production disorders –
  8. Dark skin in the arm pits accompanied by light brown to black markings or bands in the neck, groin and inner thigh areas can be a symptom of glandular disorder related to insulin disorders. This mostly occurs with people who are overweight.

How to Get Rid of Dark Underarms

Here are Some Effective Ways to Lighten Armpits:

  • Chemical peels
  • A chemical solution containing glycolic acid is gently applied on the underarm skin. The dark skin gradually peels over the course of the next few weeks to reveal newer and lighter skin underneath.

  • Bleaching
  • Chemical bleach is also used to lighten underarms. However, bleaches only give temporary results.

  • Products containing the following components
  • Whitening deodorants, creams containing products such as licorice, arbutin, vitamin C and niacinamide can be used to lighten dark underarms. These products have whitening qualities that can gradually brighten dark arm pits.

  • Laser
  • LaserLaser is one of the most effective ways to treat skin problems related to pigmentation. It can also be used to lighten under arms. Pixel and fraxel lasers are used in the process.

  • Popular home remedies
  • Lemon-juice-is-known-to-bleach-skin-fast-and-can-give-results-in-a-week-or-after-two-weeksSome well-known home remedies to whiten dark underarms are application of potato juice, lemon juice, or tomato juice to the arm pits.

Consult with your dermatologist to pick the treatment that best suits you. Get lighter underarms and your confidence back!

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