Know All About The Foods That Are Good And Bad For Your Skin And Hair

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   July 30, 2020
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When you look at yourself in the mirror, what you see is an outward sign of your inner health. A good-quality product may repair any skin and hair damage. However, first and foremost, preventing your skin and hair from any harm should be your lookout, always. Creating good skincare and hair care routine isn’t a one-time thing. Investing in a proper regimen is essential in preventing skin and hair damage. Apart from using high-quality products, getting the right nutrition also helps maintain the health of your skin and hair. A nutritious diet packed with proteins, vitamins, and minerals is a great way to begin.

The cells that make up your skin and hair require a regular supply of nutrients. If you eat the correct balance of these primary nutrients, your skin will get all that it needs to remain healthy and glowing, and your beautiful tresses, lustrous.

Therefore, if you’re on the lookout for beneficial skincare tips and hair care tips, and a list of foods that may be good or bad for your skin and hair, go through the list below to understand what you should include in your daily diet and the foods to skip altogether.

1. Wonder foods for a super healthy skin

Look no further if you wish for soft, supple skin all year long. You can eat these super healthy foods in moderation and see for yourself how they work wonders on your skin. Just include them in your daily diet to lead a healthy and balanced lifestyle with blemish-free, fresh-looking skin every day.

2. Fruits for clear, glowing skin

“You are what you eat” could not have been more accurate, especially when it comes to skincare. When you can achieve the results with natural methods, products seem like a secondary feature in the skincare routine. In this video, you will learn about fruits that keep you healthy from the inside and out. If you wish for a youthful glow, these juicy fruits will help you out. To getting rid of skin issues and improving texture, and providing natural hydration, here’s a list of fruits for clear, glowing skin.

3. Top 10 anti-ageing food ingredients

Ageing may be a natural way forward, but you can delay the signs of extrinsic ageing (caused by environmental factors and pollution) by eating foods that are rich in anti-ageing ingredients. You can, however, delay the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, age spots, and pigmentation by including these top ten foods in your daily diet. Watch the video for more!

4. 6 foods that are beneficial for dry skin

Dry skin is an issue that affects plenty of individuals. Sometimes, it can worsen and cause flaky skin leading to further skin problems. What if we told you there was a natural way you could prevent dry skin? In the video, you will come across six foods that are extremely beneficial for dry skin and keep your skin hydrated and moisturized. Take a look!

5. Foods that effectively reduce hair fall

When was the last time you brushed your hair and didn’t find strands of it sticking out in the brush, or lying on your pillow or the bathroom drain? Hair fall is an issue that’s quite bothersome to every individual today - male or female. On the other hand, your lifestyle doesn’t make it any easier for you to maintain and care for your hair. However, if you notice signs of hair fall, as a proactive measure, you can effectively reduce it by eating the foods mentioned in the video, take a look!

6. Junk foods that are bad for your skin

If putting on weight wasn’t bad enough, junk foods can alter the appearance of your skin as well. Acne and breakouts being the immediate effects of eating junk food, there are other changes that you might notice in your skin. Therefore, to avoid any of these skin problems, watch this video to learn more about different junk foods that can cause havoc on your skin.

It may initially feel like an effort to drift away from your original routine and adopt a different one. However, the long-term benefits of a healthy diet found with your silky soft skin and your shiny tresses are vast. So, choose a nutritious diet that’s full of vitamins and minerals that help you maintain the health of your skin and hair. If you wish to learn more about skin and hair care, browse through our videos right here: Skin Care & Hair Care. You can even consult a dermatologist at the Skin & Hair Academy and seek expert help for your skin and hair problems.

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