Frozen skin Care Products: What they are and Why You Should Use Them

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   December 19, 2017
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Isha Agrawal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

skin-care-1Remember when your mothers and aunts used to store skin care products, lipsticks and nail paints in the refrigerator? The younger us wouldn’t have been able to understand the reason behind, but it’s a different time now. 
Freezing of skin care products has been on the rise for the past few years, mostly for the purpose of longevity. Frozen skin care or makeup products are a good idea if done the right way – the chemical reactions and bacteria in the products multiply at a slower rate when stored at lower temperatures. This not only makes them last longer, but also feels good to apply on your skin.

The good news is, you no longer need to go an extra mile to store your beauty items in the freezer, for the market is laden with a slew of frozen skin care products. From cleansers to eye creams, moisturisers to makeup sprays, there’s no dearth of “chillers” to keep your skin at its prime.
So, how exactly are frozen skin care products different?

“Cold constricts, heat expands”, say beauty and skin care experts who vouch for frozen skin care products. If your creams and lotions are frozen, this enhances their potency and effectiveness. The result? Your eye cream works better in reducing puffiness, lasts longer, and well, the application just feels miles better on the skin, doesn’t it?
Take a trip to a beauty store and scout for cooling waters, toners and primers. Along with your frozen creams and lotions, these liquids are infused with technology to help bring down the surface temperature of your skin. This precious jolt of chill awakens your senses, tightens the pores, and refreshes your makeup too! During high temperatures, a chilly bout on your skin is all you need to feel instantly refreshed and radiant.
What products can you store in the freezer at home?
Skin care products like lotions contain a higher percentage of water. Some lotions also contain oil and other preservatives, the freezing point of which differs – and this causes it to separate. If you really want lotion to last longer, freeze it, but in small batches. When you want to use it later, pick up one of the batches, thaw it at room temperature and then use it. By doing this the entire bottle of lotion will not go bad due to excessive freezing and thawing.
Other than lotions, you can always store your eye creams, toners and masks in the freezer to ensure that upon application, they work better in tightening your pores and calm your skin.
All in all, apart from the longevity, the main purpose of frozen skin care products is to provide a chilling effect to your skin. If you’re used to living in areas with comparatively higher temperatures, opting for frozen products or freezing the ones you have at home is a great way to aid in your skin care. A cooling sensation is only an added bonus! 

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