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Hair Care Tips for Summer to keep your hair healthy and bouncy

By Skin & Hair Academy | March 22, 2017
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Isha Agrawal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

hair care in summer

The season of constant sweating and irritation is at our doorstep, which means, you need to go the extra mile to take care of your hair. Presenting five essential tips that you need to take into account to ensure that your precious mane is safe from the harsh effects of this hot weather:

Use SPF protection/Cover up

The number one tip is also the most important tip of the lot. During summer, your hair’s constant interaction with the sun can lead to loss of moisture, colour, and overall health. Therefore, coat your hair with an SPF spray or lotion before you step out. Better still, carry an umbrella or a soft scarf to keep your hair prevented from the sun’s harsh UVA and UVB rays.

blow drying hair

Avoid using too many styling products

With hair prone to excessive dryness and lack of moisture already, the last thing you want is to add to it. Adapt to air drying your hair as much as possible instead of blow-drying it. You need to keep your hair moisturised and healthy as the sweating and humidity can add to the breakage.

Coat your hair in coconut oil before jumping into the pool

Did you know that the chlorine and salt content in pool water can cause scalp infections? Moreover, it’s extremely unhealthy for your hair colour, and attacks it adversely. To save yourself from the trauma, coat a layer of coconut oil before you head for a swim; coconut oil is an excellent preventive measure that acts as a barrier between your hair and the water. Don’t forget to shampoo your hair later!

Put your hair in loose, comfy hairstyle

comfy hairstyle for summer

Tight hairstyles add to the frizz and put deep pressure onto the roots of your hair. Summer is all about loose, playful hairstyles which not only look good, but keep you feeling free. Go for casual fishtail braids, loose buns, and half-up-half-down hairstyles.

Deep condition every week

This is an ever-season essential, but deep conditioning is extra-important in summer. A deep conditioning mask helps tame the frizz, and infuses bouts of moisture into your hair to keep it looking healthy and shiny, as opposed to dull and lifeless. Use masks with an avocado or honey base for this purpose.

So, there you go! Basic hair tips for summer that keep your hair shiny, bouncy, and always at its prime.

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