Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Causes and Solutions

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Hair Loss Solutions for Men: Causes and Solutions

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   October 12, 2020
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The feeling of losing one’s hair can only be understood by those going through it themselves. Hair loss among men is a fairly common issue that can cause some people’s hearts to ache even if they know it’s coming. Pretty much everyone knows someone in their circle who is bald or has started the slow trudge toward baldness.

With hair being an important aspect of one’s appearance, the loss of it can lead to many emotional triggers. Many men experience severe confidence issues, often leading to depression and social anxiety. There is nothing shameful in accepting that you need help dealing with this issue. You will be surprised to learn how many men are in the same boat.

Let’s understand the problem in detail and also about the solutions to treat it.

Causes of hair loss or hair thinning in men

1. Male pattern baldness

Male pattern baldnessMale pattern baldness, also known as Androgenetic Alopecia, is when hair is lost in a visible, defined pattern. Often, beginning at the temples, the hairline slowly recedes till the crown loses most of its hair. Men suffering from male pattern baldness can often find hair loss in the shape of a horseshoe. It is usually this time when men begin searching for hair loss solutions for men. Male Pattern Baldness is generally caused by genetics and environmental factors – if your parents suffered from baldness, there are high chances you will too.

2. Thyroid Issues

Thyroid IssuesThe first source of diagnosis to an inexplicable hair loss issue is usually a thyroid test. Thyroid imbalances often lead to hair loss among both men and women.

3. Age

AgeAs they get older, hair thinning in men increases, and the growth rate drastically reduces. By the age of 50, an astounding 50% of men see noticeable hair loss that keeps increasing as they go.

4. Diet

DietPoor diet is often the root cause of most modern health issues – both physical and emotional. A diet that is poor in nutrition often leads to hair thinning in men, causing irreversible damage to the follicles as time goes on.

5. Stress

StressA bane to our modern life, high stress is the root of many common health issues. Coupled with habits such as smoking and high caffeine intake to keep up with stressors, your hair couldn’t stand a chance.

How to prevent hair loss – Simple measures

The adage ‘Prevention is better than the cure’ holds for hair loss as it does with all health issues. The more you protect your body, including your hair, the better the benefits. How to prevent hair loss? Let’s find out!

1. A balanced diet

A balanced dietIt is often the one thing that is missing in our lives. With numerous takeaway options, lack of time and energy to invest in preparing a good meal, we often consume whatever we can. Your diet should include a good amount of protein, biotin, vitamins, omega-3 fatty acids and healthy fats. You can find great sources of these nourishments in different foods, fitting any dietary restrictions.

2. Avoid hair pulling

Avoid hair pullingMen with a good head of hair often can’t help pulling, twisting and fidgeting with their hair. Doing so, the roots come under immense strain and often, give up the fight after a while. If you do have the habit of pulling and twisting your hair, you may want to consider the consequences every time you catch yourself doing so.

3. Requesting a medication switch

Requesting a medication switchOften, your hair may react badly to a particular medication. If you find your hair thinning or falling at a much higher pace than average correlating to the time you started a specific drug, please reach out to your doctor and switch the medication immediately.

4. Avoid harsh hair treatments

Avoid harsh hair treatmentsWhile the result may look good for a short period, it is better to avoid hair treatments that are rich in chemical usage. Chemical hair straightening and smoothening are examples of such treatments.

5. Lifestyle changes

Lifestyle changesOften, it starts with working on yourself, cutting down on unhealthy habits like excessive smoking, drinking, lack of physical activity, junk food consumption and so on. A healthy diet, coupled with regular physical activity, will help you prevent premature hair loss.

6. Oil massage

Oil massageMen and women in Indian culture always took oil massaging seriously. Even to this day, there are many massaging centres to be found in every neighbourhood. Not only do these massages make you feel good, but it also promotes blood circulation and promotes healthy hair growth. Remember your mother forcing you to oil your hair? It was for a good reason.

7. Combat stress

Combat stressOur modern lives dictate that stress is inevitable. However, if you value your hair and health over the stressors in your life, take time to add a de-stress session in your routine. This could be deep breathing exercises, meditation, visualisation, mindfulness and so on. Take time to do something because stress affects not only your hair but also your life.

Hair Loss Solutions for Men

1. Over-the-counter drugs

Over-the-counter drugsMale pattern baldness is an inevitable truth. But there are drugs available to slow down the process. Rogaine and Propecia in tablet formats are some of the popular medication choices.

2. Hair transplants

Hair transplantsThis type of solution is a widely known hair loss treatment for men but kept hush-hush due to the shame associated with hair loss. There are two ways of doing a hair transplant procedure - Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) and Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE). Both methods involve transplanting healthy follicles from where it grows in abundance to areas where the growth is scanty. The only difference is in the methodology.

3. Laser treatment

Laser treatmentWhile this is a relatively new method of hair loss treatment for men and lacking in research around effectiveness, it is also less evasive than transplant procedures. Laser treatment involves transmitting photons into the tissues of the scalp to promote hair growth. The process is safe but seems to work for some and not for others. More work is being done in the field to improve on its use.

Hair loss and baldness have always been a sore spot for men. The emotional reactions are often kept bottled up, locked away as a personal cross to bear. While your identity and appearance have always been more than just hair, people tend to forget that. Acceptance is bliss, in more ways than one.

While male pattern baldness is genetic, you could be losing your hair for a variety of reasons mentioned above. It is often the underlying causes of hair loss that are more problematic than hair loss itself. A complete lifestyle change may be the answer to your hair loss woes. A better head of hair starts with you.

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