Find out ways to protect your hair from chlorine in your swimming pool Find out ways to protect your hair from chlorine in your swimming pool

By Skin & Hair Academy | December 08, 2015
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Swimming is an activity experts highly recommend for weight loss, as well as for its other health benefits. But water in pools, which is commonly chlorinated for disinfection, can have damaging effects on your skin and hair. Have you ever noticed darker skin and rougher hair when you come out of the pool?

According to a study done on rats, their fur became dry, lacked luster, and showed significant hair loss signs after continuous exposure to the chlorinated water of pools. So, it is important for swimmers to keep their hair protected. With the following steps and tips, you can keep swimming, and still retain the health and luster of your mane.

Take a shower before entering the pool

shower-before-entering-poolThe most important tip is to take a shower before you enter the swimming pool. Most people take a shower after swimming when they are covered with chlorine all over. However, if your hair is wet before you enter chlorinated water, your shafts will already be immersed in clean water, and chlorinated water will not be able to enter them and cause damage.

Oil your hair before swimming

We all know oil and water do not mix with each other. If your hair is already covered with oil, chlorinated water from the pool will not be able to cause damage to your strands. So, make it a practice to apply oil to your hair before entering the swimming pool. Coconut oil is the best oil to do this [4], as it has the maximum penetration capability, and does not wash away when it comes in contact with water.

Wear a swim cap

swim-capA swim cap made of latex, silicone, or Lycra will keep the chlorinated water from coming in contact with your hair strands, thus leaving them untouched. When your hair is covered with a swim cap, it will stay protected against any metals or chemicals in the pool water. So, even if you are going into the pool for a small dip, you should not go without a swim cap. [5]

Don’t skip shower after the swim

No matter how much hurry you are in, you should not skip taking a shower after the swim. After all, you don’t want the chlorine, salt, and chemicals to sit on your hair until you get your next bath. Pool water contains several chemicals, metals, microbes and germs, which need to be removed from your body after the swim [6]. These will not only damage your hair but can also prove unhealthy for your entire body. It is better to use an all-natural shampoo, as dependence on a chemical-based shampoo may sometimes strip your hair of its natural oils, and leave it dry and brittle.

Once you are done with your swimming, don’t forget to deep condition your hair, as it will restore your hair’s moisture, and leave it soft and shiny as before.

By following these tips, you can continue enjoying your swimming sessions without worrying about your hair strands.

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