Know About The Effects Of Vitamin Deficiencies And Its Causes Of Hair Loss Know About The Effects Of Vitamin Deficiencies And Its Causes Of Hair Loss

By Skin & Hair Academy | February 04, 2016
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Your hair is your crown, and hair loss is often associated with extreme lack of confidence and self-esteem. Loss of hair is often not related to your health, but can ruin your appearance, and make you look older and depressed. If you are also experiencing hair loss, chances are you have vitamin deficiency. It is a fact that vitamin deficiencies can actually cause hair loss. Read on to find out…

  • Which vitamins deficiencies can cause hair loss?

  • Which vitamins deficiencies can cause hair lossToday, most people lead busy lives, and often have to skip meals. The quality of foods has deteriorated, and even fruits and veggies are often grown in nutrient-depleted soils these days. As a result, people tend to suffer from vitamin deficiencies.

  • Deficiency of the following vitamins often leads to hair loss:

  • Omega 3 fatty acids:

    These acids are abundantly found in flax and cold water fish, and play a crucial role in keeping body systems healthy. But unfortunately, both men and women often do not consume sufficient amounts of omega 3 fatty acids, and thus suffer from hair loss and other health related problems. According to experts, most women who complain of sudden hair loss are actually suffering from deficiency of these acids.

    Vitamin B12:

    Vitamin B12Deficiency of this vitamin, also known as cobalamin, plays an important role in hair loss. In order to give your body a good supply of vitamin B12, increase your intake of cow’s milk, yoghurt, shrimp, salmon, sardines and cod.


    Biotin is a component of enzymes that is responsible for breaking down substances in the body, like carbohydrates, fats etc. Its deficiency, which cannot be detected with the help of laboratory tests, is usually identified by thinning of hair, loss of hair colour, tingling in legs and arms, hallucinations, and red rash around the nose, mouth and eyes. You can get a good amount of biotin by consuming almonds, chicken eggs etc.

    Vitamin D:

    Alopecia areata is an auto-immune disease that is identified by hair loss due to inflammation around the hair follicles. Deficiency of vitamin D is related with a number of auto-immune diseases, due to which vitamin D can be directly linked with hair loss . Vitamin D has been proven to act on keratinocytes, thus initiating cycling of hair follicles, thereby stimulating hair growth . You can treat vitamin D deficiency by increasing your blood levels of the vitamin, and consuming more of milk, yoghurt, egg yolks, cheese, tuna and sardines .

  • How to treat vitamin deficiencies

  • How to treat vitamin deficienciesVitamins are essential nutrients required by your body, but unfortunately, your body does not make them, and you have to give yourself a supply with diet and supplements only. So, you can treat vitamin deficiencies by consuming more vitamin-rich foods, like milk, yoghurt, eggs, sardines, tuna, salmon, etc. If you have a deficiency of a particular vitamin, you can also take a supplement to deal with it.

Now that you know vitamin deficiencies can lead to hair loss, you should concentrate more on eating healthy foods rich in vitamins, and take supplements if required. In addition to that, take proper care of your hair, stay away from excessive sunlight, and avoid excessive use of heating and styling products.

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