home remedies These hair mask ingredients you should use to get healthy hair

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   February 22, 2017
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With the everyday stress of pollution, blow drying, heat treatments and ‘quick’ diets you put your hair through, your hair deserves a little extra, don’t you think? There are plenty of tips for healthy hair growth out there, but hair masks as are by far the most effective. If you have already tried DIY hair masks, then you know that it takes a little more than time to reap the benefits of hair mask. It is also important to choose the right ingredients for your hair type. So, here’s a helpful chart with hair masks for your hair type.

What is your hair type?
Based on your hair type, you should apply different masks.
Dry– feels rough and dry to touch
Hair mask for dry hair should contain nourishing and softening ingredients like lactic acid found in yogurt
Oily– becomes oily soon after shampooing
Hair mask for oily hair should contain ingredients that remove grime and oil from the scalp, while retaining essential oils without drying too much
Combination– oily at the roots, dry at the tips
Hair masks for combination should generally contain ingredients that suit both hair types.

Additionally, hair mask for dandruff should contain ingredients that cleanse, strengthen and nourish the hair and scalp.

Ingredients for DIY hair mask

When applying a hair mask, make sure to give your tips a little extra for hair that is strong from root to tip!

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