Learn about the effective techniques in Laser Stretch Mark Removal

By Skin & Hair Academy | January 16, 2017
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Stretch marks are unpleasant and it is safe to say nobody wants them. Stretch marks could be caused by a number of reasons like pregnancy, weight gain, puberty, sudden weight loss etc. With increasing awareness about skin care, many people are opting to get stretch marks removed. Laser stretch mark removal is one of the most popular and effective methods to erase any type of scarring on the skin. So is laser stretch mark removal effective? Let’s take a quick look at the nitty-gritties of laser stretch mark removal.

Who is eligible for laser stretch mark removal?

Who is eligible for laser stretch mark removal?

  • Women who are suffering from delivery stretch marks
  • People who have stretch marks from sudden weight loss
  • Adolescents with stretch marks with the onset of puberty etc.

How does laser stretch mark removal surgery work?

 laser stretch mark removal surgeryLaser stretch mark removal surgery works on the basis of photoepilation. Strong bursts of laser is introduced on the skin at the affected area directly. Different lasers of varying wavelengths are used depending on the depth and maturity of the scar.

The heat from the laser light is absorbed by the skin and it triggers the simulation of new skin cells. Thus new skin cells replace the older scar cells making the skin smooth and even toned.

Types of stretch marks and treatment 

Stretch marks are red, white or purple depending on the freshness of the scar and inflammation.
1. Red stretch marks
Red marks are new scars that change into deeper red or purple with time. The depth of the scar and colour are affected by bleeding in the dermal levels. Red stretch marks are usually thin lines running throughout the upper layers of skin in the affected area.
2. White stretch marks
When the red stretch marks heal, they may turn darker or paler into white stretch marks. In people with fairer skin, the marks may turn dark brown.

What to expect

What to expectYou’re probably thinking, “Does laser stretch mark removal hurt?” Laser treatments may cause mild discomfort, but doesn’t cause any serious pain. Recovery from laser surgeries are also fast. You may need multiple sittings depending on the depth of your scar. No matter how much online research you have put into laser stretch mark removal, find a dermatologist who can clarify your doubts before signing up for treatment.

Laser surgeries for stretch marks are effective, safe, fool proof and go a long way in boosting your confidence!

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