Reasons you should know why you itch your scalp often

By Skin & Hair Academy | July 31, 2015
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Seven ways to make those gorgeous locks shine.

Don’t you love the confidence a healthy shiny mane gives you? Gorgeous hair enhances your looks like nothing else. A simple hair cut can give your entire face a makeover!

Here are 7 ways to get rid of bad-hair days and to add lustre to those beautiful locks!

  1. Get rid of split-ends!
  2. split-ends
    Split-ends can leave your hair looking lifeless and dull. Make sure you trim your hair or get a haircut once in 6 months to do away with damaged tresses. That will make your hair look healthier, adding good volume and shine to it.

  3. Deep conditioning
  4. deep-conditioningMake sure you take a deep conditioning treatment every month or once in two months. It can be a regular hair spa or a hair pack you can make at home. Conditioning the hair is very necessary to add that extra sheen. Since hair is made primarily of protein, eating protein rich foods like eggs, pulses and nuts can do wonders.

  5. Go natural
  6. It is a good idea to give your hair an occasional break from chemicals. Homemade hair packs, together with application of high protein products like egg and curd are known to deep condition and improve the health of hair.

  7. Occasional oil massage before shampooing
  8. oil-massage
    Yes! And oil massage before shampooing ensures the hair retains it natural oils even after the wash. A massage also stimulates the growth of new hair by improving blood circulation. Be it coconut oil or olive oil, or even luxury oils, such as Argan oil, a regular oil massage does help in adding that gloss to your hair!

  9. Use the right products
  10. Use the right hair products that suit your hair. Avoid excessive use of chemicals, which might not just damage your hair texture but also cause hair fall.

  11. Rinse with cold water
  12. Avoid washing your hair with hot water. Let it be either lukewarm or cold. Heat loosens the hair cuticles and makes them weak and dry. Giving a final cold-water rinse to your hair after shampooing ensures long lasting shine.

  13. Blow-Dry correctly
  14. Lastly, you’ve surely seen those girls who look like they have a salon finished look to their hair no matter what time of the day it is! It’s because they know the secret of blow drying their hair correctly. Though heat can be damaging to hair, by using a hair protecting serum, you can protect your hair and get a controlled style by blow drying.

A strict hair-care routine is a must for shiny, bouncy hair and to give that edge to your appearance, Not only will this leave your hair healthy and manageable but it will also prevent hair-fall and dandruff.

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