Periocular Cellulitis In Children: An Infection With Dermatological Manifestation

By Skin & Hair Academy | September 15, 2017
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Periorbital cellulitis, which is also known as pre-septal cellulitis, is an infection of the eyelid or the skin around the eye that affects children more commonly than adults. Periorbital cellulitis in children affects only the anterior portion of the eyelid and is not seen as a serious condition.

Although this infection first appears to be a dermatological one and can be diagnosed by a dermatologist, it requires further medical attention and treatment by an ophthalmologist.

Here’s an overview of everything you need to know about periorbital infection:

1. What is pre-septal cellulitis?

What is pre-septal cellulitis?Preseptal cellulitis is an infection of the eyelid that usually affects children. It is not to be confused with orbital cellulitis, which is a severe condition that affects vision.

2. What are the causes of cellulitis of the eyelid?

What are the causes of cellulitis of the eyelid? Periorbital cellulitis is a bacterial infection that can be brought on a scratch, an injury or an insect bite, which allows for the germs that reside on the skin to infect the wound.

3. What are the symptoms of periorbital cellulitis?

What are the symptoms of periorbital cellulitis Periorbital cellulitis is typically characterized by a swelling of the eyelid and redness in and around the eye. However, the vision is not affected by this condition. There is also no accompanying pain.

4. Is periorbital cellulitis contagious?

Is periorbital cellulitis contagious?Periorbital cellulitis does not spread from one person to another, as it caused by the bacteria already present on the surface of our skin. However, there are certain factors such as a weak immune system that put you at greater risk of developing cellulitis.

5. What are the forms of periorbital cellulitis treatment?

What are the forms of periorbital cellulitis treatment?The outlook for people with periorbital cellulitis is excellent. Antibiotics are seen to be very effective in treating this condition. However, prompt diagnosis and treatment are recommended to avoid further complications. Swelling and redness in the eye should never be ignored. Consult your dermatologist or ophthalmologist if you observe anything usual in your eye. Prompt treatment is always the best and the most effective.

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