Follow these skin care tips for a comfortable post shaving experience

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   January 12, 2017

Experiencing too many razor bumps, dryness and itching after shaving your face? You need a proper post-shaving routine! Take note of the following skin care tips for men to prevent all kinds of skin irritation:

post shaving skin care tips for men

Note that when you’re shaving, you’re actually exfoliating your skin in a way. Therefore, taking care of new, sensitive skin is of utmost importance. Never miss out on these post-shaving skin care tips in order to keep your skin at its prime.

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Desraj shenmar

Very useful information.share information to shave hair from armpit etc.

reply   17 January, 2017

Jitendra kumar jain


reply   20 January, 2017


I have dark circles on my face

reply   23 January, 2017

Neha kumari

Kitna price hay kaha melega

reply   25 January, 2017

Parikshit das

I have a skin problem on face like thst pimples i want to solve my problem

reply   31 January, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hi parikshit, switch to a face wash with salicylic or glycolic acid to reduce extra oil from the face. use a water-based moisturiser to keep your face hydrated. combine these habits with a healthy diet and you'll see results within a couple of weeks.

reply   31 January, 2017


My face getting dull n dark day after day n black haed are also there.what should i try??

reply   14 February, 2017

Skin & hair academy

Hi satish, please start including healthy food items in your diet like fruits, vegetables, and nuts to give your skin the nutrition it requires. this not just enhances the texture of your skin but also helps combat dullness. to remove blackheads, start using a cleanser/facewash that contains salicylic acid to remove the dirt and dead cells that have caused dullness in your skin.

reply   14 February, 2017
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