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Get rid of all types of skin allergies by using the right treatments

By Skin & Hair Academy | December 28, 2015
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Bumps, itching, redness and other skin conditions are the forms of skin allergy, inflammation of the skin. Skin allergies are caused by a wide range of allergens, including foods medication, cosmetics, and clothes.

Most common triggers :

Eczema and hives


Skin rash, hives, dermatitis and blisters


Skin rash, hives and tongue swelling


Skin rash, hives, dermatitis and blisters


Redness, itching, rash and eczema


Diagnosis :

  • Personal/medical history: You will asked questions to get a complete understanding of your symptoms and their possible causes. Besides, there will be questions about your family history, your lifestyle and medicines you take.
  • Physical exam: It will include examination of ears, eyes, nose, throat, chest and skin.
  • Allergen’s test: Your doctor may conduct a skin test, patch test or blood test for allergen diagnosis.

Treatment and how to take control of skin allergies

  • Over-the-counter antihistamine can help reduce the rash and itchiness of the allergic reaction.
  • Cortisone cream help soothe skin irritation and must be followed by application of a gentle moisturiser or cold compress to protect the skin.
  • Over-the-counter antihistamine can help reduce the rash and itchiness of the allergic reaction.

Signs of life-threatening skin allergy :


Breathing difficulty


Swelling of tongue and/or throat


Difficulty in swallowing or speaking Vocal changes (hoarse voice)


Stomach cramps or vomiting


Dizziness, loss of consciousness, floppiness (in babies)

When to seek medical advice


Most skin allergic reactions don’t require medical attention. See your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen as the allergic reaction may be more than just a rash.

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