Skin Problems In Summer-Time Skin Problems In Summer-Time

By Skin & Hair Academy | June 08, 2018
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Summer equals lazy days of drifting in blue pools and seeking out the ocean’s waves. Diving into calm waters is inevitable when the mercury soars sky high, but did you know that that still doesn’t keep you safe from summer skin issues?

Moisture & unhygienic conditions can lead to redness, peeling, itching or blisters. Here are 6 common summer skin infections and the ways to hose them down.

#1: Swimmer’s Itch
Your skin may react to tiny parasites present in fresh water such as lakes or ponds, and develop a rash. But not to worry; it usually clears up in a couple of days!

#2: Seabather’s Eruption
Larvae in sea-water can hitch a ride in your swimwear, fins, wet suits, and T-shirts. If you get stung, you may experience headache, fatigue, vomiting and blisters on your skin. Avoid scratching and pop an antihistamine!

#3: Folliculitis
Soaking in a Jacuzzi or a hot tub sounds soothing, for sure! But when it’s been used by multiple people, there’s a higher chance of water-contamination. Overdoing your time in the hot tub can cause inflammation of the hair follicles and lead to red or white bumps on your skin. The good news is that the rash will clear up in a few days.

#4: Molluscum Virus
This virus can be present in chlorine-water and spreads through skin-contact. You may suffer a bout of white bumps on your skin that can last for years! Remember to swim in well-maintained pools and take a shower as soon as you’re out.

#5: Athlete’s Foot
If you notice a red, scaly rash between the toes, you might’ve contracted Athlete’s foot (Tinea Pedis). This contagious fungal infection spreads in moist, warm conditions and needs to be treated with anti-fungal medication.

#6: Yeast Infection
If dark, scaly patches appear on your neck, body or private parts, you might have yeast infection! Keep yourself dry and clean, by showering immediately after working out or sweating out in the sun.

Practising good skin hygiene is the best way to enjoy your summer pool-time uninterrupted. Stay away from dirty pools and don’t soak for too long, especially if you have any cuts or scrapes. Always step out with sunscreen and protective clothing. If you experience any similar skin reactions, don’t hesitate to contact your nearest dermatologist on

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