Skin treatments you can get done to shave off years from your age

By Skin & Hair Academy | July 31, 2015
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Scrub, clean, tone, moisturise…you go great lengths to keep your skin squeaky clean and glowing. With growing age however, these efforts start falling short as you start noticing fine lines, dullness and skin that has stopped looking its best. Though exercising and taking proper diet will help you keep fit, eventually your skin will start showing the results of ageing. There is no reason to worry though. New age skin treatments now make it possible for you to sport young and beautiful looking skin.

Let us have a brief look at 4 effective skin treatments which can make you look young and help shave off years from your age:

  1. Clinical Facials
  2. clinical-facialsClinical facials are considered beneficial because they help you develop and maintain a healthy and good-looking skin. These help you deal with your skin problems, such as the damage caused due to exposure to sunlight, discoloration, dehydration of the skin and most importantly, ageing.

    Superficial peels like Glycolic peels help in Glycolic peels that show up on your skin.[2] Deeper peels help improve collagen production, brighten the texture of your skin and decrease skin dryness.

  3. Dermaplane
  4. dermaplaneDermaplane or Dermabrasion is suitable for all types of skin. If your skin has an uneven tone and/or sports acne scars, Dermaplane will help sort it out. The technique is safe and effective and works on the principle of removing the upper layer of the skin’s dead cells, leaving the skin vibrant.

  5. Soft tissue fillers
  6. soft-tissue-fillersThe loss of moisture and volume in your skin can make you look tired and sick. Due to this loss, the area between the eyes and nose looks sunken and hollow. This area is called trough. Due to the sunken and hollow look, the face will look tired. Soft fillers can be used in the area around the trough. Skin thus filled up will look plump and younger.

  7. Radio frequencies
  8. Technologies which use radio frequencies help in tightening loose skin and tissues of the neck and sides of face.This makes for a sharper jaw line and younger-looking skin. The treatment can also be helpful in tightening and firming-up of the abdomen, arms, thighs as well as buttocks in a single sitting.

So, with such novel skin treatments available at hand, restoring your skin to its healthy self is no longer an ordeal. After all, healthy-looking skin is also younger-looking skin.

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