How to Switch Up Your Skincare Routine in Monsoon How to Switch Up Your Skincare Routine in Monsoon

By Skin & Hair Academy | August 06, 2018
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After a hot, unbearable summer season, the rains are no less than a blessing. However, come monsoon, and your skin starts to develop a mood of its own. The makeup doesn’t stay for as long as you expected, you experience breakouts out of nowhere, your face is all sweaty and greasy, and there’s a general dullness in your complexion that mimics the gloomy weather. Reason? Your skin care routine is falling short. Clearly, with a change in the weather, your methods of skin care in rainy season must also change.

Here goes a low-down of the little tweaks you must make in your routine – tweaks that will go a long way in saving your skin from the bane of the gloomy weather.

#1: Cleanse daily

Cleanse dailyMore often than not, you might just wash your face with a regular face wash, and proceed to apply a moisturizer. In monsoon, though, oily, dirty skin becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, which is why, you must cleanse your face daily. Doing so will also help keep skin infections at bay, an occurrence quite common during the rainy season. Pick a cleanser with neem or turmeric extracts for this purpose.

Note that, if you have oily skin, opt for a cleanser with salicylic acid as that rids your skin of all accumulated dirt and grime, and reduces unwarranted breakouts.

#2: Add a toner

Add a tonerDid you know, toner closes any open pores to prevent dirt and grime to accumulate onto the skin, and more importantly, keeps the pH level of the skin maintained? During monsoon, given the constant humidity in the air, your skin’s pH level has a slight chance of shifting. Adding a toner after cleansing will help maintain healthy skin, and bring its pH levels to normal.

#3:Keep your skin as dry as possible

Keep your skin as dry as possibleRemember, this doesn’t mean that you skip moisturiser all together! Instead, don’t let rain water sit for long on your face. Pat your skin dry with a towel or napkin as soon as you come in contact with water, and immediately slap some moisturiser on to keep it supple and soft through the season.

#4: Do not skip sunscreen

Do not skip sunscreenPick up any list of skin care tips, no matter the weather, and sunscreen tops it, for obvious reasons. The sun doesn’t shy away from wreaking havoc on your skin despite the clouds. The UV rays can penetrate even when the sky is laden with thick clouds. Therefore, monsoon doesn’t give you a free pass to skip applying sunscreen every time you’re outside. This way, you ensure that your skin’s elasticity is not compromised with.

The afore-mentioned monsoon skin care tips become all the more important during the rainy season because your skin is more susceptible to damage at this time of the year. So, make sure that you follow these to the T, and drink enough water to keep your skin hydrated at all times.

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