Learn to spot STDs that Show on Your Face and how can you prevent and cure them

By Skin & Hair Academy | November 24, 2016
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Isha Agrawal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

STDs (Sexually Transmitted Disease) and STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infection) are very unpleasant. It’s only worse if STDs were to cause symptoms on the face. So, protect yourself from STDs in time by learning how to spot one early on. Here are a few STD identifiers that could help:

syphillis1. Syphilis
What causes Syphilis?
Syphilis is usually the result of direct sexual contact with an individual already suffering from it. Symptoms show up after about 3 to 6 weeks after intercourse, mostly around the genitals and mouth.

Symptoms on the face:
Syphilis appears on the face as large open sores around the mouth. Sores may also be present on the tongue and inside the mouth. Syphilis rash is not just local to the face, but can sometimes appear all over the body. The disease can also cause abnormal hair loss (alopecia).

herpes2. Genital Herpes
What causes Herpes?
Herpes or genital herpes is caused by two types of viruses – HSV-1 and HSV-2. Herpes symptoms occur through direct sexual contact and can get transmitted through saliva. It usually shows up as cold sores on the face.

Symptoms on the face:
Herpes shows on lips, face and around the mouth. It usually spreads from kissing or from performing oral sex on someone who has herpes.

chlamydia3. Chlamydia
What causes Chlamydia?
Chlamydia is a bacterial infection that shows up in the eyes as ‘pink eye’ and may cause blindness if left untreated. It is spread through sexual contact, including oral sex.

Symptoms on the face:
Chlamydia causes rashes on face and causes pink eye. Also, rare eye-to-eye transmissions have been reported, even via mediums like pillowcases, shared mascara wands, etc.

Nothing is more embarrassing than having an STD that shows on the face. Consult your dermatologist as soon as you suspect STI or STD symptoms on your face!

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