Stem Cell Treatment For Skin And Hair

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   October 30, 2017
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Isha Agrawal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Stem cell therapy is one of the most advanced treatments that promote skin and hair regeneration. Here’s everything you need to know about stem cell treatment for skin and hair.

Stemcelltreatment1. Stem cell skin treatment





StemcelltreatmentHow does stem cell skin regeneration work?
Stem cells are naturally occurring cells in all living organisms (including human beings) that are capable of renewing themselves even in unfavourable conditions. When injected into the skin, these stem cells can reverse the effects of ageing and rejuvenate the skin to restore its elasticity and youthfulness.



Stemcelltreatment What are the benefits of stem cells in skin care?
Stem cell therapy is beneficial in many ways. For one, it is a non-invasive way to rejuvenate the skin. It helps make your skin supple again and evens out skin tone. 




Stemcelltreatment2. Stem cell hair treatment





StemcelltreatmentHow does stem cell treatment for hair loss work?
Stem cell therapy is a very popular and effective treatment for hair loss. When the stem cells are injected into the scalp, they stimulate the hair follicles and promote hair growth.



StemcelltreatmentWhat are the benefits of stem cell hair regeneration?
Stem cell hair regeneration is a non-invasive and highly effective treatment for hair loss. Not only does it promote hair regrowth and combat the problem long-term, but it also improves the texture and quality of the hair that grows back.



Stemcelltreatment3. What can stem cells cure?
Stem cell therapys gaining recognition as a powerful treatment not just for skin conditions and hair loss, but also for a wide range of diseases 1qsuch as Alzheimer’s, heart disease, neurological dysfunction, etc. In the context of skin and hair, stem cell therapy can help heal scars, burns and marks on the skin and treat a variety of hair loss conditions.


Consult your dermatologist to explore the ways in which stem cell therapy can help treat your hair loss and skin conditions. 


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