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By Skin & Hair Academy  |   June 27, 2017
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You’ve heard it before, we’ll say it again: Never skip your daily dose of sunscreen. It protects your skin from harsh UV rays, preventing cancer and signs of premature ageing.
So, you do apply sunscreen religiously – but did you know you could still be getting it wrong? Read on to discover some common mistakes you may be making:
1. Applying sunscreen right before stepping out:

You must slather on the SPF at least 20-30 minutes before exposure. Your skin needs time to absorb the lotion first. Applying it when you’re actually out leaves the skin exposed for a good amount of time.



2. You don’t protect your lips
protect lips from sun

Your lips are just as susceptible and need protection – but don’t use the same lotion you apply on your face. Get yourself a lip balm with SPF as it’s thicker and lasts longer. Reapply it often, especially after eating or drinking.


3. You don’t reapply when you sweat
sunscreen after swating

Read the label – we know most of you don’t. Get a water-resistant formula that stays even if you perspire or take a swim. Non-water resistant formulae slide off the skin at the slightest contact with water.



4. You don’t use it when the skies are overcast
apply sunscreen

UV rays have nothing to do with the weather. They’re as harmful on rainy and cloudy days, as when the sun is shining bright. So, apply your sunscreen, irrespective of weather.



5. You use an old, forgotten bottle

Sunscreen loses its efficacy over time. Throw away all those tubes and bottles that have been lying forgotten for 2 years or more. Also, apply at least a shot-glass worth of lotion all over because that’s how much your body needs.



In ancillary news, it is essential to wear sunglasses that have a coating of UV protection. A regular pair of shades allows your pupils to dilate allowing more UV-rays into your eyes than when you aren’t wearing them. So, make sure you invest in the right pair.

Keep these simple sunscreen pointers in mind and stay healthy!

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