How to take care of the first indicators of a healthy your nails! How to take care of the first indicators of a healthy your nails!

By Skin & Hair Academy | July 31, 2015
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healthy-skin While healthy hair, glowing skin and trendy clothes add to your personality, a set of rosy healthy nails can enhance your overall grooming.

Dry, cracked, brittle or discolored nails not just look repulsive, but can also reveal a lot about one’s health. The process of ageing brings with it brittle nails, which look dry, cracked and easily breakable. Sometimes, nail problems may even represent some major diseases, such as jaundice, hepatitis or even diseases related to the heart. Lack of certain proteins and/or moisture in the nails is one of the major causes of brittle nails.

While it is impossible to stop age from catching up, proper care can help improve overall nail health.

Here are some ways in which you could take care of your nails:

  1. Wear gloves to protect your nails:
  2. While working in water for long periods of time, such as washing and cleaning, you should wear gloves to protect your hands and nails. If the nails are subjected to contact with water for a long time, they tend to absorb water as a result of which they contract upon drying out. The situation can worsen if you are using a strong chemical-based soap/detergent.

  3. Use a moisturizer:
  4. healthy-nailLack of moisture in your nails can be considered the main culprit for brittle nails. Applying a moisturizer directly to your nails helps keep them healthy. Immersing your nails in natural oils every night can also help.

  5. Choose nail polishes and removers with care:
  6. moisturizerExcess use of nail polish or using ones that contain harmful chemicals can cause nails to get damaged. You can use fortified nail polishes, which not only contain essential vitamins and minerals but also boost nail health. Also, while removing nail polish, it is necessary to keep in mind that the remover you use does not contain formaldehyde, acetone or toluene because these tend to dry up nails or even cause allergic reactions.

  7. Increase intake of Biotin:
  8. Biotin, regarded as among the most important ingredients for nail health, is a water soluble B vitamin. You can increase it in your system through regular intake of oatmeal, eggs, dairy products, bananas, mushrooms, peanuts and soy. Additionally, intake of essential fatty acids found in almonds or avocados also helps your nails grow strong.

  9. Don’t trim cuticles excessively:
  10. Cuticles are important for nail health, and trimming them excessively can leave you prone to infections. If you cut the cuticles, it may also lead to nail deformities. If a hangnail or cuticle is creating a problem for you, it is recommended that you use scissors to cut cleanly and moderately.

The problem of brittle nails can start at any age if you do not take care of your nails. Everyone will find these tips useful. Children too, should be taught the benefits of having healthy nails and encouraged to take care of their nails.

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