The Ultimate Detox routine for Winters The Ultimate Detox routine for Winters

By Skin & Hair Academy | January 04, 2019
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Come winter, come festive season! And we all know that the festive season means unlimited fun, dancing late into the night, binge eating sweets, and delicious food that you just can’t say no to. Unfortunately, all the fun is usually followed by exhaustion. While your body needs adequate rest to revive itself, don’t you think your skin craves its share of detox? Add the drying effect winter has on your skin to the already strained skin, you get skin riddled with acne, blemishes, and dryness.

Sluggishness, acne, dull skin, and breakouts are all signs of an overload on your system. Your body and skin need to reboot after the festivals and need detoxification to go back to normal to deal with the chill winter.

1.Why do you need to detox your skin during winters?

Why do you need to detox your skin during winters?From dancing your socks off and late-night parties that left you feeling too tired to remove your makeup, winter festivities give no time for you or your skin to relax. All the makeup you put on only adds to the strain on your skin and face during this time of the year. Winters have a drying effect on your skin and a change in your skincare routine can put your system out of balance causing breakouts and other signs of unhealthy skin. All you need to restore your skin to its former glory is a detox routine that will leave you feeling fresh and clean from inside and out! Here are some ways you can detox your skin and look radiant!

2.Invest in a dry brush

Invest in a dry brushDry brushing is a technique that has been gaining popularity recently. From removing dead cells to lymphatic drainage, your skin can benefit a lot from dry brushing. With the dry brushing technique, you brush your skin towards the heart starting from your hands and feet using a brush. Here are some benefits of dry brushing:

1. Helps the body detoxify itself naturally by stimulating the lymphatic system

2. Exfoliates the skin by removing dead skin cells and stimulating the growth of new ones

3. Helps achieve soft and supple skin and helps tighten the skin in the long run

4. Helps reach smaller pores and cleans out accumulated dirt, oil, and grime

5. There are also claims that dry brushing helps reduce cellulite

Use a brush with natural bristles and a long handle with which you can reach your entire body. Brush each area several times and always move towards the chest.

If you have sensitive skin, approach dry brushing with caution.

3. Drink warm water with lemon

Drink warm water with lemonWe all know the importance of staying hydrated during the summers, but drinking water is something we all tend to forget during the winters easily. Drinking water is essential no matter what the weather is like and more when your skin needs a detox.

Mix things up during the winter by drinking warm water mixed with a few drops of lemon juice. This drink is not just perfect for winters, but it is excellent for all seasons. Warm lemon water alkalizes your system, energizes your body, and curbs cravings throughout the day and is the perfect concoction to kick-start your detox routine for the winters. You could also try green tea to keep your metabolism on track. Fennel tea is great to relieve digestive problems. If nothing else, just sipping on warm water throughout the day works wonders for your skin. Make water your best friend and find the way to healthy, glowing and beautiful skin.

4.Treat your body to a healthy diet

Treat your body to a healthy dietYou think diets and fasts should be your go-to plans for clear skin after indulging during the festive season. But, what you should be considering is finding ways to compensate for all the nutrition, fiber, and healthy food you missed out on eating. Think healthy diets instead of diets that make you starve. Prepare plant-based meals and think of protein-rich food that would help give your digestive system a break from the overload it has been dealing with. Here is a list of foods that are great to bring out the shine on your skin:

1. Omega-3 rich food like fish, walnuts, and spinach that help retain the moisture and maintain the plumpness of your skin

2. Green tea’s antioxidant properties cannot be ignored if you want glowing skincare

3. Fruits rich in vitamin C stimulate collagen production and are great for your skin

4. Veggies loaded with vitamin A are a great source to fight dryness during winter

5. Dark chocolate’s flavonols help fight free radical damage

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5.Restart your beauty routine

Restart your beauty routineWe are all guilty of going to bed with makeup after a long night of celebrating with family and friends. The festive season means more fun and less care for the skin. Soon after the festivities and during winter is the right time to bring back your beauty regime. Let’s start with a good old cleanse, moisturize and tone with an added exfoliation to the routine.

Many believe exfoliation is not something you should do during the winters as it will worsen dry skin. But this can’t be further from the truth. Exfoliating dry skin can help push damaged and dead skin cells out of the way for your moisturizer to penetrate deeper into the skin. Exfoliation also stimulates the production of new skin cells. And don’t forget to dab on your sunscreen no matter what the weather is like outside.

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6. Sweat it out!

There is no Sweat it out! better and more effective way to detoxify your skin than an hour of sweating! Exercise every day to help your body push toxins out of your body through your skin in the form of sweat. Exercise has numerous benefits for the mind, body, and skin. Exercise helps keep your digestive system up and running despite dropping temperatures. A clean digestive system means a body free of toxins.

7.Get your beauty sleep

Get your beauty sleepWhat’s more effective than a good night’s sleep for beautiful skin! With all the festivities, sleep is one of the first things to get sacrificed. Catch up on all the sleep and rest well to allow your body to regain its balance.

Here’s a video on daily skin care tips you may want to watch –

So there you go, summer or winter, beautiful skin is always just a few healthy changes away! Follow our detox tips for beautiful and glowing skin throughout winter and this festive season.

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