Use Beer For Soft, Strong, Glowing, Healthy Hair Use Beer For Soft, Strong, Glowing, Healthy Hair

By Skin & Hair Academy | April 05, 2019
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Long, lustrous, smooth and healthy hair stands out in a crowd instantly. Tons of hair care products market themselves as the best way to get radiant, healthy hair. Of course, achieving that glowing head full of hair is easier said than done. But one interesting product, a drink actually, has been in the news for some time as a super remedy that solves hair problems to leave you with beautiful hair…Beer!

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Beer is the 3rd most consumed beverage after water and tea, globally. Made from malted barley, water, hops and yeast, the beer brewing process extracts the sugars from the barley so that the yeast turns it into alcohol and carbon dioxide. In addition to being a famous alcoholic drink, beer is known to have health benefits for both hair as well as skin.

Strawberries and beer for oily hair


Benefits of using beer to wash your hair

Apart from being a popular drink across the world, beer is also recognized as an equally popular hair care ingredient. A number of shampoos and other hair care products list beer as one of the ingredients in their product. So how does beer benefit your hair?

· Boosts hair growth

Beer is known to contain large quantities of minerals such as magnesium, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, iodine, zinc and biotin which are known to boost hair growth. As beer is made from grains (Barley & wheat), it also contains B vitamins including riboflavin (Vitamin B2) and niacin (Vitamin B3) which also play a big part in healthy hair growth.

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· Increases hair volume and thickness

The hops in the beer contain silica which adds lusture and thickness to the hair. Silica also helps to increase hair volume and improves hair strength from within.

· Repairs hair damage

Almost 88 % of hair is made up of protein, and as malt and hops in the beer are rich in protein, they help repair damaged hair and boost volume.

· Good hair conditioner

The sucrose and maltose sugars in beer prevent hair from being dull and lifeless, instead helping it give a smooth, shiny look. Thus, beer is also an excellent hair conditioner that adds gloss to lackluster, listless hair… A great remedy for those flat hair days!

· Prevents dandruff and itchiness of scalp

Beer aids in absorbing excess oil in the hair. It is also a very good cure against dandruff and itchy & flaky scalp. Especially, people who have oily hair and suffer from dandruff and scalp itchiness should use beer in their hair care routine regularly to rid themselves of this hair problem.

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· Gives great texture

The pH level of beer is the same as that of hair. This ensures that using beer for hair care leaves it neither too dry nor too oily giving it the perfect texture.

· Removes split ends

Beer helps repair hair damage such as split ends and also promotes hair re-growth.

How to use beer to wash your hair


Keep these hair care tips in mind when using beer

  • · Before using beer for your hair, boil it to remove the alcohol content from it as alcohol can drain hair of its natural oils. The boiled beer can then be mixed with coconut oil before using it to condition hair.
  • · If you have dry hair, then use beer for hair care in moderation. Beer can make dry hair weak and more susceptible to breakage/damage. It is advisable to use flat beer (devoid of carbon dioxide).
  • · Also, people with dry hair should use beer along with other oil hair massages.
  • · Rinsing your hair with beer will help cleanse it, balance the pH in the scalp, improve shine, reduce frizziness and add bounce to hair. But, do not rinse hair with beer more than once a week.
  • · Using a beer shampoo helps remove impurities, cleans the scalp, softly conditions hair and enhances hair growth. But do not over wash your hair.
  • · And finally, beer is a clarifying ingredient and should be used as such.

Who would have thought that the pint of beer in your hand can work wonders for your hair? So buy that six-pack for washing your hair the next time you go the supermarket.

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