Find out the warning signs of Diabetes that Appear on Your Skin

By Skin & Hair Academy | November 24, 2016
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Isha Agrawal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

At least 30% of the people suffering from diabetes also have symptoms that show on the skin. Patients suffering from type-2 diabetes are vulnerable to skin diseases. Though unpleasant, the upside of this is early detection. Here is a comprehensive list of diabetic skin conditions and diabetes symptoms on skin:

1. Yellow/ reddish/ brown patches on skin

Yellow/ reddish/ brown patches on skinThis is one of the most common diabetic skin diseases that begins as small solid bumps, often mistaken for pimples. These bumps worsen into patches of swollen, hard skin and turn into diabetic boils with time. The patch is usually itchy and painful.

2. Dark patches of skin that feel like velvet

Dark patches of skin that feel like velvetDark patches or bands of skin around your armpit, groin or the back of your neck are symptoms of diabetes.

3. Hard, thickening skin

Hard, thick and swollen skin on the back of your hands, fingertips etc. is a classic sign of diabetes left untreated for a long time.The patches can spread on to the forearms and upper arms and sometimes to the chest, face & neck.

4. Diabetic blisters

Diabetic blisters are a rare phenomenon, but people with diabetes can see blisters suddenly appear on skin. They usually occur on hands, feet, legs, forearms in groups too. These blisters are not painful.

5. Diabetic skin infections

Diabetic skin infectionsDiabetic patients tend to catch skin infections easily. A diabetic could get hot, swollen and painful skin, or itchy skin or tiny blisters. These could occur anywhere on your body including the scalp area.

6. Diabetic skin sores and wounds

High blood sugar and glucose for a prolonged period of time can lead to poor blood circulation and nerve damage. These conditions make it difficult for sores and wounds to heal especially on the feet.

7. Shin spots or diabetic dermopathy

Shin spots or diabetic dermopathyThis skin condition causes feeble spots and lines on the skin. Rarely, they also occur on arms, thighs, trunk or other areas of the body. These are often mistaken for age spots.

8. Extremely, dry itchy skin

Extremely, dry itchy skinDiabetes and dry skin are closely associated. High blood sugar causes dry and itchy skin despite constant hydration.

9. Yellowish scaly patches on and around your eyelids

Yellowish scaly patches on and around your eyelidsThis skin condition develops when there is high fat levels in your blood due to poor control of diabetes.

10. Skin tags

Skin tagsSkin tags are skin growths that hang from a stalk like projection on of the skin. They are harmless and can occur in healthy people too. But too many skin tags are a sign of diabetes.

Skin conditions are a way our bodies communicate any unidentified illnesses. Diabetes is also one such disease that can be detected early through the skin. Identify your skin condition for fast and effective treatment of diabetes.
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