Know when is the right time to visit a dermatologist for your skin problems

By Skin & Hair Academy | March 10, 2017
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

It’s a known fact that you can’t treat everything by yourself. And, when it comes to skin and hair conditions, home remedies can only do so much. It is for those times that no home-based solutions are working in your favor that you need to seek professional help. Following are some scenarios that require you to stop trying to tackle things all by yourself and book an appointment with a doctor:

#1: Your acne won’t go.

A breakout every other day is acceptable, but if multiple breakouts are making your life miserable, and no amount of OTC medicines and creams are working, that’s your sign! The dermatologist will evaluate the problem and determine whether your zit condition is a result of hormonal imbalance or your diet.

#2: Your skin has suddenly become sensitive towards the environment.

Getting sunburnt quicker than before? Seeing unexpected breakouts? Getting tanned more easily? These are signs of skin hyper-sensitivity and must be immediately addressed. Some changes in life don’t just affect you mentally but physically too. Therefore, it’s best that you see an expert.

#3: An itch is taking too long to go away.

Scratching an itchy area may feel heavenly at first, but it should go away in some time, right? Well, if it hasn’t, and if you’ve dropped many a cream and oil, it is only a dermatologist that can tell you what’s going on. Usually, scratching can lead to an unforeseen infection, which is why it’s advised that you don’t scratch the affected area with your nails.

#4: You’re losing too much hair despite changing shampoos.

That’s the thing about hair loss – you just can’t tell what exactly caused it. Let a dermatologist analyze your lifestyle and tell you all about what’s really triggering it.

#5: Your scalp is producing more than just dandruff.

Did you know, there’s more to scalp problems than just dandruff? Conditions like inflammation of the hair follicle, itchy patches, and too much oil production are a whole new set of scalp conditions that you can’t treat at home. If treating dandruff alone didn’t help, it’s time to call up a dermatologist in your area!

#6: Your self-diagnoses are always wrong.

Skin or hair, if the solutions you’ve grown up believing to be true are no longer giving you the desired results, you know it’s time to see a professional. You see, a number of skin and hair problems require an overall assessment of your daily life; what you eat, what products you use; and your lifestyle as a whole. Only a skilled doctor can connect the dots and help you with a proper solution.

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