Why Won’t My Acne Go Away?

By Skin & Hair Academy | May 07, 2018
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Isha Agrawal

Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Acne, is stubborn. You may think that you know all about what causes acne, have tried multiple treatments, and have religiously followed the basics – cleansing, toning, moisturizing – to keep the situation under control. But, the acne won’t seem to go away despite your best efforts. Clearly, you must do more than just a basic CTM routine.

When you’re in the midst of a breakout spree, it’s only natural to go out of your way to test an array of products. Unfortunately, they can act adversely, and make your skin redder, more acne-prone, and scarred. Another key reason behind stubborn acne could be an unhealthy, unhygienic lifestyle. It has the power to undo any acne treatment you might be undergoing and leave you devastated with a scarred face.

That said, before you make another failed attempt at getting your acne situation under control, ask yourself the following questions. Chances are, one or more of these are the reason why your face is yet to pave its way to flawlessness.

#1: Are you overusing products?

Are you overusing products?As mentioned before, overusing products in hopes for an overnight miracle can leave your skin more irritated, inflamed, and hyper-pigmented. For instance, your medicated salicylic acid may interfere with the scrubs you might be using. Moreover, over-application of medicated products can aggravate your skin condition instead of curbing it.

Another major catalyst in exacerbating your skin is makeup. If you’re using too much makeup, such as foundation, concealer, face powders, etc., you’re forbidding your skin from breathing and taking in oxygen. Needless to say, your acne is not going anywhere if you continue to do so.

#2: Are you sleeping on unclean sheets?

Are you sleeping on unclean sheets?You must ensure that all the dirt, grime, and overall muck is evacuated from your place of slumber as your skin is exposed to bacteria that accumulates on in over time. Unclean sheets contain a lot of germs and microbes that hamper your skin’s well-being, and therefore, as much as possible, sleep on clean, bacteria-free linen.

#3: Do you touch your face too much?

Do you touch your face too much?Touched your laptop, and then your face? Tapped on your phone, and then your face? These are little things that don’t let your acne to go away for good. Your fingertips contain a plethora of germs and microbes, especially accumulated via external objects like laptops, phones, and other accessories. So, avoid touching your face too much, and wash them with a medicated hand wash as frequently as possible.

Better still, keep your laptops and phones squeaky-clean to ensure that no bacteria is getting transferred to your acne-prone face.

#4: Are you eating healthy?

Are you eating healthy?In the end, it all boils down to your diet. It’s really a simple concept – no product is going to heal your skin; your body, is what is going to heal your skin. Therefore, no acne scar treatment or pimple medication in the world can help your skin if you can’t get enough of fried foods, greasy meals, and sugar. These foods only come in the way of your body doing its job – in this case – healing. Keep your diet simple, enriched with vitamins, minerals, protein, and fibre.

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