Dr. Uzzaif Mansuri

Dr. Uzzaif Mansuri

Dermatologist, Cosmetologist, Tricologist




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Dr Uzzaif Mansuri has excellent command over clinical and surgical skills. We deal with all kind of skin, hair, nails and sexually transmitted diseases. Thorough history is taken of the patient and then treatment is given accordingly. Skin diseases like Pimple, Scars, Psoriasis, Allergy, Eczema, Dryness, Fungal Infection, moles and many more are dealt. Cosmetic procedures like chemical peeling, facial glow, treatment of acne scars, getting rid of marks, all hair problems like hair loss, split ends, thinning, dry, lustreless, and many more are dealt. He has worked very sincerely and with great enthuthiasm during his residency. Patient loved him alot because of his diagnostic accuracy and communication skill. Carried out more than 200 Subcision with small 23 Gauze needle for acne scars and also presented paper for the same in International Congress Of Dermatology. Performed thread-lift procedures, Earlobe repairs, Scar excision and suturing, Vitiligo surgery, Mole, Wart, Skin tag removal with RF cautery. Have done thesis on hairloss. Thesis included treatment with medicines and procedures like Dermaroller, Platelet rich plasma therapy for hair loss. Have also attended communication skill course in New York in 2009 and successfully passed USMLE Step 2 Communication Skill.

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Uzzaif Skin Care (Ahmedabad)

2 Century Flats, Chitrakut Society, Nr Nid, Nr Rajnagar Cross Road, Paldi, Ahmedabad, 382021

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