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Sudden outbreak of whiteheads

Category: Skin
Description: recently, i m suddely facing outbreak of whiteheads. they are big and messy, bit hard and bit painful. bit itchy too. it looks like hell, messy and its very irritating. i am at the age of 23 rightnow and i never faced such an worst outbreak. as i am not in age of have of puberty rising so thats why i am not able to track the cause behind this sudden outbreak. though during my menstruation cycle i get bit pimples but this time it is very sudden and huge outbreak of whiteheads on my face. now its been a week over but still they are not going. please kindly suggest me some helpful measures to cure it , else atleast report me some reasons behind getting this sudden outbreak so that i can take precautions further. please respond.eagerly waiting for it.

Question by: sneha.rathod@rediffmail.com | Posted on:February 23, 2016
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