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Posted on: 10/27/2015
Question by: Irshad shaikh
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Dear user, for a glowing and healthy skin, a healthy and balanced diet, with plenty of fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts and water, is most important. along with this, regular exercise, 6-7 hours of sleep every day and following a basic skin care routine that includes cleaning, toning and moisturizing further helps in improving overall health and texture of the skin. as for pigmentation, while good diet and basic skin care make a difference, it is also important to use a sunscreen at least half an hour before stepping out in the sun and re-applying it after 6-7 hours. the dull and pigmented skin could also be due to some underlying medical condition or hormonal problem, so if you do not feel the difference even after a month, make sure to see a dermatologist.

reply   27 October, 2015

Thanks for the response! do you suggest any good sunscreen?

reply   29 October, 2015


Appreciate it!

reply   02 November, 2015

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