5 Tips For Healthy Skin In Monsoon

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   July 12, 2018
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Isha Agrawal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

The monsoon is a lovely time of year – and it certainly brings some relief from months of scorching heat, sweat and grime. It’s also that time of year when we tend to trade in the ice cream and icy-cold drinks for warmer treats, like chai, pakoras and bhajjis.  

It also happens to be a time of year when there is a rise in water-borne infections, as well as the number of bacteria and germs that can enter our system through the food and drinks we consume. And this, coupled with the humidity, can wreak havoc on our skin. So you need to know what to eat – and what to leave off your plate. Here’s a quick list of diet-based skin care tips for the monsoon!


#1: Avoid Deep-Fried Food

fries    It’s not just because too much oil is bad for your overall health – there’s a science behind why it’s best avoided during this season. Due to higher humidity levels, our digestive systems slow down – so it’s best to steer clear of oily food since it can lead to an upset stomach. If you do need to fry up something at home, choose lighter oils like olive and sunflower instead of heavier oils like peanut and mustard.



#2: Avoid Raw Food & Leafy Greens

veggieThis may sound counter-productive, but it’s true! Greens are nutrient-dense, but during the rains, the dirt and grime that accumulates around their roots make greens susceptible to germs. The same goes for raw food.




#3: Minimize Dairy Intake

food Dairy products tend to spoil faster in this season and are most prone to getting infected. Plus, dairy is also more difficult to digest. Dairy is best consumed as yoghurt in this season. 





#4: Avoid Fizzy Drinks, Enjoy Green Tea

drinkSweet, fizzy beverages are refreshing in any weather – but they deplete our body of essential minerals, which in turn slows down enzyme activity, which weakens the digestive system. Plain filtered water, nimbu paani and warmer drinks are a safer bet. We know that a cup of piping hot masala chai is what comes to mind, on a rainy afternoon, but you are better of sipping green tea -  it’s easy on the stomach and keeps your skin refreshed and glowing!



#5: Hydrate

water    Water, water everywhere, and yes, you have to drink up, too! Since we may not feel as thirsty as we do in the summer, we end up drinking less water – which is bad for our system. When you are hydrated, you won’t feel lethargic, and, your immune system functions better, keeping infections at bay!




And of course, avoid street food and snacks and drinks prepared at roadside stalls and cafes. While everything is made to order, the fruits and vegetables used at street side stalls are usually cut in advance and sit out all day long, increasing chances of contamination.

These are a few ways to keep your skin healthy, happy and infection-free during the monsoon. However, if you are facing persistent skin care problems during the season, visit www.skinandhairacademy.in for dermatologist skin care tips and hair care tips.

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