Bone Broth: Collagen, the Natural Way

By Skin & Hair Academy | December 27, 2017
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Healthy skin begins from the inside – your skin is a reflection of a healthy balance between essential nutrients and how well your body digests and assimilates these nutrients. Eating the right types f food keeps your skin glowing and healthy.

One such superfood is the collagen-boosting bone broth. Other than boosting immunity, balancing hormones, and boosting digestion, bone broth also helps improve your skin. Is bone broth healthy? It is more than just healthy – it is a powerhouse! Here’s how bone broth can benefit your skin and boost your glow :

Boosts Collagen

Boosts CollagenBone broth is a powerhouse for collagen – the basic building block of the skin. Collagen helps maintain the elasticity of the skin and in the production of new skin cells. With time, the production of collagen decreases leading to signs of aging. Consuming bone broth often is an easy way to increase collagen levels in the skin. Get plump and youthful skin with regular consumption of bone broth.

Helps detoxify your body

Toxins enter your body every day and at alarming levels with increasing pollution levels. Consuming bone broth regularly helps detoxify the liver and digestive system while boosting antioxidants in your body.
Helps detoxify your body
Minerals like potassium and amino acids that aid cellular detoxification, and bone broth helps reduce the risk of inflammatory skin problems like acne, eczema, dermatitis, and other conditions connected to toxin overload in the body.

Provides Healing Nutrients

Provides Healing NutrientsBone broth doesn’t just slow down aging, but it also helps the production of new cells in the upper layer of the skin meaning fresh and glowing skin. Good circulation is essential for bright skin – and minerals like zinc and iron further boost the oxygen flow through your body. Thanks to the essential and non-essential amino acids in the one broth, it is one food that provides multiple vitamins that play in giving your health a superb boost.

Balances Hormones

Balances HormonesHormonal imbalance is a major cause of breakouts and other skin problems. Hormonal imbalances also stem from nutritional deficiencies. Bone broth’s healing components like collagen, gelatin, and amino acids help fix a bad gut and ultimately help heal the skin.

Bone Broth is Rich in Anti-Aging Nutrients

Bone Broth is Rich in Anti-Aging NutrientsMany anti-aging nutrients used cosmetically are naturally found in bone broth. By drinking bone broth, you get the same molecules used in dermal fillers but from wholesome food.
• Hyaluronic acid – a commonly used wrinkle filler used to reduce the appearance of lines on the face
• Glycosaminoglycans – a natural substance found in the skin that helps keep the skin plump and supple

Prevents stretch marks

Prevents stretch marksThe collagen – rich bone broth also helps repair stretch marks fast. The collagen in the broth helps maintain the skin’s elasticity and integrity healing stretch marks.

Stronger teeth and hair

Stronger teeth and hairBone broth benefits include stronger teeth, bones, and healthier hair. The calcium, magnesium, phosphorous, protein, and other essential nutrients in the bone broth help you achieve strong teeth and shiny hair.

Bone broth’s health benefits are many and it is no wonder bone broth is considered a superfood. Bone broth is easy to prepare and can be consumed every day. It is vital that we realize healthy skin not just comes from external application and treatment, but requires work from within too.

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