Coffee and Its Benefits In Skin Care

By Skin & Hair Academy | December 19, 2017
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

Coffee makes for much more than just a delicious and invigorating beverage. The benefits of coffee upon our health, skin and hair go far and wide. Not only does it serve as a much-needed aid for the body, it is also famous for its wonderful benefits in the skincare department.

The biggest reason for that is the antioxidants that are found in coffee that protects your skin and boosts its natural defences against the harsh environment. What’s more, coffee bean extracts are also responsible for skin cell energy preservation, thus, keeping your skin plumper and more youthful.

That said, the consumption of coffee for skin glow and betterment isn’t just limited to drinking it. You can also bring it into use in the form of a scrub or a mask, depending upon what your aim is. So, here goes a list of the various skin aspects that you can reap the benefits of coffee on:

Coffee for premature skin ageing

Coffee for premature skin ageingAs mentioned before, a cup of coffee packs in a fair share of antioxidants, which help fight free radical damage that results in premature skin ageing. These antioxidants provide an anti-inflammatory activity for your cells and also protect the skin. Drinking coffee in moderation can help reduce the appearance of fine lines, age spots, and even saggy skin.

Note that coffee alone isn’t a miraculous solution to turn back the clock, but it does play a significant role in your quest for healthy, younger-looking skin. So, drink up!

Coffee for skin exfoliation

Coffee for skin exfoliationGot a load of old coffee grounds lying at home that you were going to toss away? Don’t! Coffee grounds make for an excellent exfoliant as the granules help buff away the dead skin cells and promote blood circulation, which gives you soft, smooth and radiant skin.

Simply add a pinch of olive oil to the grounds, make a paste, and start scrubbing! Do this once a week to see effective results.

Coffee for skin whitening

Coffee for skin whiteningNow that we know how effective coffee is in exfoliating your skin, it’s interesting to know that its regular application can also aid in brightening your complexion. Thanks to the strong antioxidants in the caffeine, coffee helps remove the dirt in the pores and blurs dark spots. However, when mixed with raw milk or coconut oil, it corrects uneven skin tone too.

Prepare and apply a paste made with coffee and raw milk for best results. Before applying the mix on your face, splash it with lukewarm water to open the pores. Next, cover your face and neck area with the mix, and leave it on for 20 minutes. Clean it with water, and repeat the process at least twice a week to see a visible change in your complexion.

Coffee for de-puffing the under-eye area

Coffee for de-puffing the under-eye areaDid you know, coffee can shrink the blood vessels under your eyes, thus, de-puffing the area almost instantly? The antioxidants and the caffeine present in coffee help brighten and de-puff the under eye region by restricting the blood flow to the area. This is why coffee is commonly used as an ingredient in eye creams and serums.

As a DIY method, mix some coffee grounds with water and olive oil, and directly apply under your puffed eye area. Leave it on for 5-10 minutes, and rinse it off with water.

Coffee for fighting cellulite

Coffee for fighting cellulite Coffee is also known for its anti-cellulite properties. When mixed with olive oil and sugar, it makes for an excellent anti-cellulite body scrub. The caffeine content in coffee stimulates dilation, whereas, the scrubbing motion fosters blood circulation, thus, plumping up the skin. The result? With time, your body’s cellulite starts looking less obvious.

What’s more, the rich antioxidants in coffee also increase collagen production, which is why you should make it a regular habit to scrub your affected areas with coffee.

Now that you know how to use coffee for skin care, how about a hot cup of Joe daily to pave the way to a radiant, enviable complexion? Sip it away for good skin health!

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