Top tips while choosing a perfect Moisturizer for your Baby Top tips while choosing a perfect Moisturizer for your Baby

By Skin & Hair Academy | December 29, 2017
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When you enter the Baby care products section in a megastore nearby your vicinity, you see the shelves overflowing with hundreds of products belonging to hundreds of brands. When it comes to baby moisturizer, the chaos is to the maximum. No doubt, you get confused with the thought of choosing a perfect one for your little sweetheart.

Selecting the best baby moisturizer becomes your task of the day that holds the first rank on your shopping list. You try harder to get the best one but end up with another big question, ”will it affect my baby’s skin?” Well, there are many more confusions that are likely to arise when you are looking for a baby skin moisturizer. I’m here to provide you with some smart moisturizing tips that would help you a lot while buying a moisturizer for a newborn. Those tips are listed below:

Know what your baby’s skin needs –

Know what your baby's skin needsThis is perhaps the crucial step before you select a moisturizer for your baby. Firstly, observe and think what your baby’s skin condition right now? Then try to figure out what she would need the most according to the weather? If you cannot conclude much, consult a pediatrician for the same.

He’ll help you rightly. If it’s winter going on, your baby’s skin must have become dry; so you need to keep it smooth and moist. If the heat is beating you during the summer; your toddler is likely to have rashes. Hence, the moisturizer that you would be choosing for winter is undoubtedly going to be different in the summer season. Also, determine your baby’s natural tendency to respond to dermatological products.

Sensitive skin needs a different perspective –

Sensitive skin needs a different perspectiveGenerally, all newborns have super sensitive skin due to its tenderness at an early age. Some infant skincare products have harsh chemicals or ingredients that can harm a baby’s delicate skin. Instead focus on the products having natural ingredients such as coconut oil, almond oil, olive oil, etc.

Fragrance-free, gentle, soap-free, non-synthetic, paraben-free, and preservative-free qualities are considered to be standardized features in most baby care products. Always opt for products that are clinically tested and approved by pediatricians.

Read the label correctly –

Read the label correctlyBefore you put the best moisturizer for a newborn in your basket, read the label on the pack or the bottle carefully. Check what the label says. Most significantly, read the ingredients and their proportions. Check the manufacturing date as well as an expiry date. These details are essential before you apply or use any product for your baby.

Without understanding the ingredients of the moisturizer, never buy them, If you find any element that could be strong or rough for a baby’s skin; strictly avoid that product. Dermatological approval and clinically tested certification are always mandatory for the best baby moisturizer for sensitive skin.

It has to contain water –

It has to contain waterAre you surprised reading the comment? Well, taking into account overall fluid materials in a human body, water is the vital fluid with 64%.

Let’s get a little scientific here. The outermost layer of the skin having keratinized cells is called as stratum corneum. If this gets very dry, the skin suffers from itching, and irritation and looks dull. If the water supply to the skin is adequate, the skin retains its overall healthiness with the texture and toning. Moisturizer with good water content protects the water inside the skin. So, look for the baby skin moisturizer that has enough water content.

They should be mild yet effective –

They should be mild yet effectiveThe ingredients of an infant moisturizer you are applying to your baby have to be gentle, natural, and safe to use. However, they should be able to offer a baby a quick soothing effect with the best moisturizing qualities. These moisturizers are made up of vegetable oils and other natural extracts that do not contain animal fats, alcohol, or other harmful constituents.

It shouldn’t cause allergies –

It shouldn't cause allergiesIf your baby continually suffers from eczema or skin rashes, avoid the moisturizers that have fragrances. Perfumed lotions often irritate a baby’s skin because they consist of plant extracts or essential oils. If you are not sure of the mildness of the product, do not buy it as it may cause harmful effects on your toddler’s tender skin.

Baby’s skin is more sensitive, and tender than yours and hence it gets easily affected by the harmful ingredients in the baby lotions for newborns or moisturizers. Therefore, you should be extremely cautious while choosing infant skincare products. Many newborns suffer from irritation, diaper rashes, or skin infections during their early stages. Also, many have the tendencies to dehydrate after bathing. So, you have to select the best moisturizer for baby skin accordingly. A moisturizer has to quickly absorb into the baby’s skin and remain there for a longer time retaining the moistness.

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