How Your Ideal Skincare Regime Should Be

By Skin & Hair Academy | March 11, 2021
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Skincare is essential for every skin, but very few people look after their skin and take proper care of it. Most people think that skincare only involves cleaning the face from the outside, but that’s not the case. There are many internal as well as external factors that affect the skin in many ways. People often ignore the internal factors which can bring significant changes to the skin.

So, here are some skincaretips regarding these internal factors which should be kept in mind to ensure healthy skin:

Healthy Food

Healthy-FoodIt is often said, “you are what you eat.” This is scientifically true as the skin regenerates itself every 27 days. Food is the most crucial internal factor which affects the skin. If you take in a lot of junk, your skin will reflecHow Your Ideal Skincare Regime Should Be
t the same dullness.

Replace your junk food with various fresh and raw food such as fruits, vegetables, and sprouted grains. These foods have a fair amount of water content and are rich in vitamins and minerals. These help in the replenishment and rejuvenation of the skin. The antioxidants present in these foods help in fighting free radical damage done to the skin. Free radical damage can also lead to prematureageing. Therefore, by changing food habits, you can also fight skin ageing.

Avoiding Alcohol and Nicotine

Avoiding-Alcohol-and-NicotineDrinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes are among the worst things one can do to the skin. Alcohol is a diuretic. Hence, it can leave your skin dehydrated. This leads to dull skin. Smoking cigarettes also lead to dull skin, as nicotine present in cigarettes constricts the amount of blood that flows to the skin. The skin stops getting replenished due to lack of blood circulation in the skin. It harms collagen production as well.

Healthy Lifestyle

Healthy-LifestyleA healthy lifestyle also plays an integral part in skincare. A proper sleep schedule, yoga and exercise can drastically improve skin conditions. Yoga and physical activities help in proper blood circulation, thereby replenishing the skin with oxygen-enriched blood. A proper sleep schedule also de-stresses your body. Therefore, good sleep is the path to healthy and problem-free skin.

These were some skincare tips that you can implement to achieve healthy and glowing skin in your daily life. Apart from all these internal factors, there are some external factors which should be taken care of.

An Ideal Skincare Regime

To tackle issues related to external factors, you should follow a proper skincare regime. So here are some tips on how to get healthy skin with an appropriate regime of skincare:

  1. Always Start with a Cleanser
  2. Always-Start-with-a-CleanserA cleanser is the first and foremost step of a proper skincare regime. Use a good cleanser to get rid of all the dirt, grime, and impurities from the skin. A good cleanser is one that is non-stripping in nature. When your skin is clean, it absorbs all other products better. Therefore, cleansing the skin is the most crucial step in the skincare regime and should not be avoided at any cost.

  3. Follow-up with a Vitamin C Serum
  4. Follow-up-with-a-Vitamin-C-SerumAfter cleansing your skin, follow up with a good Vitamin C serum. Vitamin C is a potent ingredient with many skin benefits such as collagen production, and anti-ageing properties. Its antioxidants also protect your skin from sun damage.

  5. Finish with a Sunscreen
  6. Finish-with-a-SunscreenGone are the days when sunscreen was just an additional product in your vanity. Day by day, as the ozone layer is depleting, the need for sunscreen is rising. According to dermatologists, you should wear sunscreen even when you are indoors. Choose a sunscreen between SPF 30-50. You should also keep reapplying the sunscreen every 4 hours to ensure adequate sun protection.

  7. Take Antioxidant Supplements
  8. Take-Antioxidant-SupplementsAs said earlier, antioxidants are great for protecting the skin against free radical damage. A regular intake of antioxidant supplements, such as Vitamin C tablets, ensures good and healthy skin. If you are fussy about adding fruits and vegetables to your diet, you can regularly take these supplements to ensure glowing skin.

These were some steps you can follow for an ideal skincare regime. This skincare regime can be followed to fight various skin conditions such as skin tanning, sunburns, and acne. According to dermatologists, these simple skincare regimes can bring drastic changes to the skin and treat hyperpigmentation and dullness.


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