The New 20-30 minute procedure in cosmetology scenes, Lunchtime Facelifts

By Skin & Hair Academy | May 29, 2017
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Isha Agarwal

- Skin & Hair Care Consultant

What do pizza delivery, a sitcom episode, a power nap, and a lunchtime facelift have in common? They all take under 30 minutes! That’s right, the new entrant in the cosmetology scene, lunchtime facelifts are the latest buzzword that take as less as 20-30 minutes for the procedure, unlike traditional facelifts. Gone are the days when you had to take a weekend off of work, pretending to be on a vacation, but actually hiding at a doctor’s office.

If you have the money and the resources, a lunchtime facelift will give your skin just the makeover you want, sans the scars. Let’s look at the host of procedures that come under this category:

#1: Thread Face Lift

Thread_Face_LiftTime taken: 30 minutes

A thread lift procedure involves the usage of barbed sutures to lift sagging eyebrows and eyelids. The surgeon uses a thin needle to insert the sutures under the facial tissues. While on one end of the thread, the barbs grab and lift the sagging skin, the teeth on the other hand anchor the skin to the underlying facial tissues. This way, there’s no possibility of scars. The procedure typically takes half an hour. As for the thread lift recovery time, it’s just 24 hours, which means you don’t have to spend days upon days inside the house!

If you’re wondering how long does a thread lift last, it’s anywhere between 21 to 30 months, depending upon the individual. Make sure you ask for proper thread lift after care from your surgeon, to make the effects last even longer.

#2: Arasys III

Arasys_IIITime taken: 30 minutes

This lunchtime facelift procedure builds muscle by shocking the nerve in charge of the muscle. The action causes a contraction, and increases metabolic rate. The procedure is best suited for reducing cellulite and inches by burning fat during shock exercises.

#3: Sculptra

SculptraTime taken: 30 minutes

An FDA-approved injectable dermal filler, Sculptra is a 30-minute procedure that involves a series of injections that contain a mix of poly-L-actic acid and water. The injections are used to stimulate growth of collagen in the skin, followed by a gradual increase in the thickness. The treatment runs three or four sessions, each a month apart.

Each of the afore-mentioned lunchtime facelifts have dozens of variations, depending upon what kind of results you wish for. Therefore, it’s advised that you do a thorough consultation with your cosmetologist, and then settle on the one that suits your needs.

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