Nail-care tips: Keep them looking beautiful

Beautiful nails are a dream of every girl out there, but sometimes, lack of care and overall nail health can make it challenging.
The result? Splitting, cracking, breaking, and most importantly, brittleness.
If you’ve experienced this for a long time, it’s time you brought back your nails into good health.
So, today, let’s discuss some easy solutions to address that. Note that, brittle nails are hard, so, you need hacks that not only soften them but make them look healthy and pretty.
Start by soaking your nails in olive or jojoba oil every day. Massaging your nails with them lends adequate moisture to the skin surrounding them, and leads to better nail health.
Secondly, eat food that’s rich in Biotin. Whole grains, cauliflower, and avocado ensure that your nails look healthy and moisturized.
Next up is to avoid nail paints for a while, especially the ones that aren’t of good quality. You need to let your nails breathe!
The same goes for your nail paint removers. Acetone-based removers dry out your nails even further, and god knows, we don’t want that!
And lastly, drink a lot of water! You know the benefits, don’t you? Drinking 8-10 glasses of water daily promotes the growth of healthier nails.
So, that’s it from my side, guys! I hope these solutions work for you.
Thank you for watching! I will see you in the next episode of Skin & Hair Academy.

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