7 Smart Tips To Prevent & Treat Hair Loss

By Skin & Hair Academy | March 25, 2022
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Hair loss is one of the most common problems faced by people worldwide. It can be due to various reasons, out of which stress remains the most common factor. Various treatments to reduce hair fall are available based on the underlying cause. A few prevention measures and hair care tips are discussed below, which might help you manage your hair loss.

  1. Include Multivitamin Supplements and Proteins in Your Diet
  2. Various proteins and amino acids make up our hair that holds together with the help of chemical bonds between them. Keratin and arginine are the major protein components of hair, which you can easily find routine diet. All are eager to know how to prevent hair loss, the answer to which is quite simple.

    A great way to minimise hair loss is by including protein-rich food in your diet. Commonly available food materials such as eggs, kale, salmon, sweet potato, and sunflower seeds are some additions that can reduce hair fall. Multivitamin supplements can also help you in meeting other nutritional requirements.

  3. Try Scalp Massage
  4. Head and scalp massages are ideal for eliminating stress and making you feel better. It provides a very relaxing and soothing effect to everyone. The icing on the cake is that scalp massages are now proven to be helpful in hair growth. This study was conducted in 2016 on a small group of men for 24 weeks. It was observed that they had much thicker and better hair growth by the end of the trial.

  5. Avoid Using Styling Gels
  6. All of us love to make ourselves look presentable and good at all times. But we fail to realize the ill effects of styling or straightening gels on the hair. Excessive or regular use of such products can irritate the scalp and increase the hair fall rate. How to stop hair fall is still a mystery for all, but to reduce it, you should minimize the use of external and unnecessary products. However, you can use styling gels and similar hair products that are dermatologically approved.

  7. Use a Wide-Toothed Comb
  8. Keeping our hair frizz-free is our daily goal for us all. To achieve this, we use many products such as combs and hairbrushes. However, using hard and narrow-toothed brushes and combs can accelerate hair fall. How to reduce hair fall has been a hot topic over the years, but unfortunately, a confirmed solution is yet to be found.

    To help prevent hair fall, use wide and soft-toothed brushes and combs to move through the hair without causing any undue pressure or friction. It will help you get frizz-free hair with significantly less hair loss.

  9. Use Shampoo Suited for Your Hair
  10. To control hair fall, use products that suit your scalp the best. For this, you can try out the various products available and choose the best out of those. However, this can become a little tricky and overwhelming, given the wide range of products such as shampoos and oils available in the market.

    Try using the shampoos which have the least amount of parabens, which are added preservatives and are harmful to both hair and scalp. Moreover, you can also get custom-made shampoos made with ingredients best suited for you, eventually facilitating hair growth and reducing hair fall.

  11. Consult a Dermatologist
  12. The best way to reduce and control hair fall is to consult a professional or a dermatologist. If you have tried all the above-mentioned tips and tricks and are still facing hair fall, then it is time to see your dermatologist. The specialist would examine your situation and try to come up with a diagnosis.

    Sometimes, an underlying disease or medical treatment, surgeries and chemotherapy can lead to significant hair loss. The dermatologists would help you understand the root cause of your hair loss and provide a suitable prescription, along with some custom shampoos and oils. All these will help you understand how to control hair fall.

  13. Avoid Smoking and Alcohol
  14. Many times, a few lifestyle changes can limit hair loss. Smoking has a significant impact on the blood flow in the body, including the scalp. Besides, alcohol and caffeine consumption also hampers the sleep cycle, eventually impacting hair growth. A goodnight's sleep is necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Quitting both smoking and drinking would help reduce hair loss.


Hair fall is a common problem faced by people of all age groups from all over the world. It still has no permanent cure. However, with help, it can be reduced and managed with ease. Additionally, many skin and hair care clinics are now available on the internet, providing people with advice and curated products to tackle hair fall and other related issues.

One such institute is the Skin and Hair Academy, which aims to help people seeking medical answers to their questions and problems. Consult a leading dermatologist near you who can answer all your queries regarding hair loss.

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