All you need to know about premature greying of hair, their symptoms and cure

By Skin & Hair Academy  |   October 06, 2016

It’s no less than a nightmare to notice your first grey hair strand peeking through a bunch of blacks or browns. With increasing stress and an overall unhealthy lifestyle, premature greying is a common condition in men and women alike. While opting for chemical colouring and dyeing may appear as a quick fix to this, the adverse effects of these treatments only lead to further greying.
What you need is home remedies to retard the greying of your precious lock. So, if you’re wondering how to prevent premature greying of hair the right way, read on:

Prevent premature greying of hair1. A healthy, nutritious diet: Premature greying occurs due to lack of melanin in your hair strands. Therefore, increase your intake of foods rich in vitamin B, iron, copper, and iodine that boost hair health, and retard the process of greying.

Prevent premature greying of hair 2. Coconut oil and Indian Gooseberry (Amla) massage: Indian gooseberry is rich in Vitamin C and anti-oxidants, and works beyond reducing grey hair. Apply a concoction of coconut oil and gooseberry powder/juice on your scalp and leave it overnight. Wash it out the next morning, and repeat the procedure every three days for noticeable results.


Prevent premature greying of hair3. Black tea massage: Containing copious amounts of anti-oxidants and caffeine, black tea proves to be an excellent option to reverse hair greying. All you need to do is, boil two tablespoons of black tea in a pan with some salt water, and wash your hair strands with it. For best results, repeat the process 2 to 3 times per week.


Other solutions on how to get rid of grey hair

1. Reduce stress: The first sign of premature greying is increased stress, and so, you must keep your stress levels in check in order to not aggravate the situation any further.

2. Stop smoking: Did you know, those who smoke regularly stand a chance of getting grey hair four times higher than non-smokers? If you have been smoking regularly, maybe, it’s time you reconsidered, and gave up on this habit for good.

3. Check your thyroid levels: People who’re suffering from any kind of thyroid malfunctions are more likely to witness premature greying. Bring your thyroid levels under control to get rid of grey hair.

4. Quit harsh shampoos and perfumed oils: Both products contain harsh chemicals that, although may feel great upon application, are likely to wreak havoc on your greying hair. Switch to fragrance-free oils and mild/organic shampoos to better your condition of hair greying.
Give the afore-mentioned tips a try, and see if you’re getting the results you expected. If you haven’t, consult a hair specialist and get to the root of the problem.

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I have acne holes in my both cheeks can it repair 100%by treatment

reply   12 October, 2016

Jaya dabhi

Please give solution for grey (white) hair

reply   17 October, 2016

Soma sanyal

Please give solution for grey and thin hair

reply   17 October, 2016

Dr mudasir rashid khan

Graying of hair cannot be reversed.there are very few studies which show the effectiveness of treatments for premature graying of hair.but intake of calcium pantothenate and zinc has found to be effective in some patients. coloring the hair is the best option for premature greying

reply   17 October, 2016

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Suffer from hair loss

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Thin hair n hair fall

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I have problem in hair,hairfall,hairloss,dandruff, itching

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Teniya infection (khujli) ka medicine ka name bata sakate hai skin problems hai

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Nice is it actually works

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Iam 32 m suffering drandruff with hair fall .i treat local skin specalist .he pescribe me crolzfin,harvest with hair for u lotion 10%.all r wrothless.

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Hi i am 25 years old. i have a problem of white hair in centre of my head. how can i treat it??please suggest me.

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Maria niumai

I like your advice

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My age is 31 .my hair is greyed.face hair also greyed.which medicine is best sir pl suggest me sir i am not married

reply   27 November, 2016


Hi i am boy and 18 years old. i am addicted to smoking. and i am facing pre mature greying of hair three years ago. is smoking the root cause for this? many of my friends smoke but no one is facing this problem.

reply   03 December, 2016


Iam 30 n has lots of grey hair,how to revert

reply   04 December, 2016

Poorva apte

I have serious problem of premature greying of hair ...i will definately follow the remedies you given thank you :)

reply   15 December, 2016


I'm 18 and i'm having grey hair all over my head...can u please prescribe some medicine or natural method...

reply   19 December, 2016

Foram patel

I m having gray hair since 15 years of age now i m 20. my mother was also sufferd for this problem. please help me .

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Hello i am 30yrs old and have many grey hairs any solution.

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Meher tamna

A very nice information about the remedies for greying hair.

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Hello.i'm kavana i'm 22 years old my hair is white hair pls give me a permanent solution

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My hair are turning grey...quit early. so little worried about it..what is the best cure for this.

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