Get Rid of those Pesky Corns and dance with your Happy Feet. Get Rid of those Pesky Corns and dance with your Happy Feet.

By Skin & Hair Academy | January 06, 2017
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Having trouble walking due to those unsightly calluses that have suddenly appeared on your feet? They’re called corns. But, what causes corns in the first place? Well, they usually occur as a result of chronic friction or pressure on the skin. This response is actually a defence mechanism that the skin pulls off in order to protect itself against blisters and ulcers.

If you’ve long been wondering how to get rid of corns effectively, follow these remedies:

#1: Pumice stone

Pumice stoneEasily the first and the most effective way to remove corns on toes is to rub pumice stone on them. Soak your feet in lukewarm water for ten minutes, and proceed with rubbing the stone gently on the affected area. Pat dry the area, and apply some castor oil. You can leave the corn open, but it’s recommended that you secure it with tape and leave overnight.
Next morning, remove the tape and apply the oil several times a day until the corn dries and flakes off.

#2: Garlic

garlicYou’ll be amazed to see what this natural antioxidant can do for those pesky corns! Garlic contains strong anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents that prevent further infection too. Simply rub a garlic clove or make a paste of three units, and apply on the affected area. Secure it with a bandage, and leave it on for a couple of days.

Remove the bandage on the third day, and you’ll notice the corn come off with it. However, if it still doesn’t, repeat the process once more.

#3: White vinegar

White vinegar
White vinegar contains high acidity levels that helps soften hard skin. A tried and tested remedy, using white vinegar in the same manner as garlic (as mentioned above), can treat the corn, and reduce the risk of any infection too.

Additional measures:

– Wear shoes that are not too tight. You need to let your feet breathe to keep the skin dry.
– Keep the wound moisturised throughout with olive or castor oil to lend adequate hydration.
– Don’t cut or shave them as it can increase the risk of infection.
– Avoid wearing open footwear such as flip-flops, slippers and stilettos.

While the above-mentioned home remedies for corn removal promise an effective outcome, if you still don’t see the desired results, it’s best recommended that you visit a doctor and seek medical treatment.

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